Meditation: Ultimate Beginners Guide To Achieve Mindfulness And Achieve Zen State by Michael Deschamps

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Achieve Mindfulness And Achieve Zen State

Meditation: ultimate beginners guide to achieve mindfulness and achieve zen state


This book contains  techniques and tips, divided among five chapters that will give you helpful insights in starting a meditative practice. Through meditation, you can find inner peace and happiness, and this book will tell you why and how. This book offers guidance on how to find a formal meditation practice that works for, as well as how to prepare your mind and body for meditation. You will also learn of the traits that meditation aims to foster in a student of the practice and how you can make the best out of it. Meditation is an easy, simple and deeply satisfying way to relieve yourself of stress and find inner calm.

Are you stressed constantly? Do you seem never happy and satisfied? Are you looking for inner peace that you have tried to get from external sources only to be disappointed? Are you tired of having too many thoughts at once and not seeming to have a clarity and focus in anything you do? Do you want to know how to meditate to renew you strength and achieve inner peace, happiness, clarity, focus, and fulfillment. If this is what you are looking for then you are definitely in the right place.


If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

What I’m going to do now is just give you a little bit of a feeling for why I teach meditation and why I started meditating some forty years ago.  And then I will give you a little bit of an outline of what we will be doing this evening. 

So, what I do want to begin with is just a little of my story and why I started meditating some forty years ago. When I was just entering college, I already knew that I was a completely stressed out, over emotional, totally neurotic, southern Mediterranean nut.  (Laughter) That’s my ancestry.  And even though within my own family there is some very strong genetic makeup for long lives – my dad lived to 95, my mom lived to 88 and his dad lived to 110.  But anyhow, I realized that I was not going to live out that long lifespan that genetically was gifted to me given how crazed I was.

I already knew it at age sixteen that I was an absolute nervous wreck.  Besides that, there was a lot of other drama going on in my life.  And so I was desperate to find a way to maybe find someone to give me a lobotomy and/or find some way to learn how to calm down.  (Laughter)

So at the time – it was the mid-60’s – I started exploring meditation.  Meditation at that time had begun to become popularized through various groups – the Beatles, TM and all that.

So, I started to explore it as a way to learn how to calm down.  I had no idea where it was really going to lead me quite honestly, but I started looking around, reading books, and going to all kinds of classes trying to figure out how to “chill out.”

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