Body Language: Understand the Art of Body Language, Personality Types by Jeannie Louise

(6b) Understand the Art of Body Language, Personality Types

Body language: understand the art of body language, personality types


This book will discuss what it means to be an alpha and what makes them winners in whatever they do. It is a description of their characteristics and traits and how they impact others through nonverbal communication--from how they walk, stand, hold their hands, head movements, and facial expressions to what each of their movements means. 

The last part of the book deals with issues that are related to body language and have an impact on how we establish relationships with other people; these chapters are a shorter and designed to place body language in context, as well as help you to develop a broader understanding of how to use and read body language effectively.

The way you move your eyes, mouth, head, arms and legs—it all has meaning. When you practice the techniques in this book you will not only use your body in a brand new way, but you’ll have the skills to read the body language of others and know what they are really thinking.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Language: English

Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, body language training, how to analyze people, NLP and Persuasion for Manipulation, Influence, Communication, communication skills

Word Count: 7286

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Sample text:

Body language is hardwired into us. Thousands of years ago primitive humans didn’t have words so we had to resort to gestures and movements coupled with grunts and nonspecific noises to communicate with each other. Though these tools were basic, they were effective. So effective, that this is still the primary way that we communicate with each other in this day and age. Even though we have language, the messages that come from posture, gestures, physiological responses more speak far louder than the words we use. Case in point: someone can be saying “yes” with their words and a resounding “no” with their tone. Once you learn to understand these physical cues and interpret them accurately, you will gain incredible insight into what others are doing, feeling, and thinking at a glance. 

What we transmit comes from our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. These three things are regulated by our limbic system which is the part of our brain that is concerned with survival. It involves the fight or flight response, fear, anger and also a pleasure. These things are subconscious. When we lived in the jungle needed to either fight or way out of a threat or run away as fast as we could. 

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