Vegan Diet: 35+ Vegetarian Recipes To Build Muscle And Get Lean (Healthy Vegan Recipes) by Sivan Clinton

35+ Vegetarian Recipes To Build Muscle And Get Lean (Healthy Vegan Recipes)

Vegan diet: 35+ vegetarian recipes to build muscle and get lean (healthy vegan recipes)


This book is perfect for people looking for vibrant vitamins and nutrients. We walk you through the step-by-step ways in which you can create your own non-animal protein sources: from tempeh to seitan to tofu. Furthermore, we lend you 365 recipes to brighten your nutritional lifestyle. 

Imagine what life would be like if you were able to achieve your weight-loss goals.. And better yet, imagine what it'd be like to be able to achieve it by simply tweaking your lifestyle instead of hopping onto another fad diet trend that's only based off of short-term results!

Giving people this possibility is the exact reason I created this e-book! After receiving numerous questions about dieting, cooking, exercising, and healthy weight-loss, I felt obligated to create a road-map to help!

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The concept of pressure cooking is not new and is based on common sense; when you seal water under a lid and boil it, it gets hot faster. It also allows the water to get above the boiling point. It wasn’t until the 17th-century, however, that someone built a cooking tool specifically for this purpose. Denis Papin was a mathematician, but he wanted to create a way for the poor to turn bones into a nourishing meat jelly. He knew he’d need to create a pot with an airtight seal, so he made what he called “the bone digester.” He presented it to the French court and served a meal made with the pot, but it was clunky, expensive, and dangerous, so it never became more than just a scientific curiosity.


A century later, the pressure canner was invented, which preserved vegetables and meat through boiling sealed glass jars. Napoleon’s army was fed on food saved through this method. Pressure canning eventually made its way to America, and in 1939, the very first pressure cooker premiered at the World’s Fair. This was used on the stove-top like a regular pot, but with its airtight seal, food could be cooked much faster. 


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