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Arriving at work to find she’s lost more than five and a half days of her life, Briony has no recollection of where she’s been, or what has happened.
It's the 22nd century, and human cloning has become a reality.
No matter if you are a seasoned security officer or new to the Private Security Industry, this book is for you.
Situational Awareness is a core discipline within the Security Officer's skill set.
A battle of the wits. A realm ravaged by war. Two fractions thrown together.
One after another, they appear by the sides of suburban roads and freeways – the naked, strangled bodies of women who have been raped, tortured and left for dead.
Filippo Trantino grows up in Tuscany and later moves to America with his family, leaving his heart among the vines of his family’s wine estate.
Elaborate cons, impossible heists and high-speed chases were his thing.
In the dark underbelly of covert operations, a group of mysterious killers is wreaking havoc in the ranks of MI-6.
It started with a job he knew well: fighting a crowd of thugs.
After working in Kabul for several years, Danny D'Amato needs a break.
Heading south to find his brother's murderer, Gus Ritter has found other meaning for his life.
From the acclaimed author of The Drago Tree comes a riveting thriller about survival, revenge and long-hidden secrets.
As Liverpool's Special Murder Investigation Squad prepares for Christmas, Detective Inspector Andy Ross receives a phone call.
A skeleton and a missing woman. A doomed romance. A mystery spanning two generations.
A peaceful cricket match on a warm summer’s day turns to murder and mystery, as the star player Aaron Decker is found dead in his bed, his girlfriend sleeping soundly beside him.
Soon after the cargo liner Alexandra Rose steams into the Mersey Estuary, one of the ship’s passengers is found dead, leading into Detective Inspector Andy Ross’s most baffling case to date.
By day, actor John Wilkes Booth is a charming Confederate spy; by night, a tragic and troubled figure leading a double life.
The world has changed. As media companies hack into personal communications at will, riots and civil unrest drive the country into a downward spiral of chaos.
After millennial ghostwriter Trevor Moore rents an old farmhouse in Fuerteventura, he moves in to find his muse.
How far would you go to defend yourself... from your own mother?
Jasper is no ordinary parrot.
Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world falling apart when she's diagnosed with cancer.
Someone is hell-bent on killing Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
It only takes a spark to ignite an inferno.
When Sandra Cooper is offered the chance to move away from London with her children, it seems like a good opportunity to escape the 1940 blitz.
He's a rich bad boy. She's a damaged beauty. Same old story?
I came here for HER.
A woman sits on a city bus, reflecting on her life — do both need change in direction?
As Edinburgh awaits the French invasion during the winter of 1804, Dorothea Flockhart heads to a storyteller and hears of a man in a uniform in her future.
A compelling introduction to the whaling and sealing industry in Northeast Scotland’s Moray Firth, Malcolm Archibald’s A Wild Rough Lot will guide you through the trade’s history, dangers and successes.
It's games night over at Mrs. Ladle's
When Kellan Ayrwick returns home for his father's retirement, he finds a body in Diamond Hall's stairwell.
For his whole life, Thordric has been told that his magic is dangerous, and that he must never use it.
They raised him to bring forth a New World. Then he returned to take it away.
A global nuclear holocaust. A vicious serial killer stalking the streets of Paris. A mystery in Mexico.
After the Interlude explores destiny, the sibling relationship, the impact on destiny of family of origin dynamics, where we were before we were born, where we’re going after we’ve left the planet, thin places, dreams, prayer and the importance of unbendi
In a world full of fantastic and terrifying creatures, uttering as much as a sound can mean the difference between life and death.
When sisters Markie and Kam get tangled with the wrong people at the wrong time, long-buried family secrets begin to emerge.
I was running from a past so dark, I couldn’t see the light until I was free from it. I never had to worry about getting attached to anyone, because good things never lasted for me. Not even love.
Where do light bulbs go when they burn out? Do they stay dead forever, or can they be regenerated to live a brand new life with a brand new purpose?
What is the link between bloody graveyard murders, a former mental asylum, a young girl’s suicide and an enigmatic priest?
Lynn Kelly is well on her way to a great career - until the day everything changes.
A global pandemic has devastated the world.
Amaranthine and Other Stories serves up nine schlock horror slices, sprinkled with quirk and humor.
Lainey is excited to begin college - until she finds herself in the middle of another murder case.
When a deadly plague seizes the walled town of Avignon, young Marius is determined to save his townsfolk from the raging pestilence.
When Rick Hughes receives a relic as a gift from an old friend, he has no idea what he's getting himself into.
For over a decade, Mike Covell researched a building in Hull that was known locally as “Annisons”.
Very few people knew Antonia, despite her eventual fame as “La Stella di Venezia”. Antonia of Venice is an unveiling of love, connected souls, music, power and tragedy.
Billy Bradshaw is only twelve when a juvenile court judge sentences him to community service, and throws him to the care of six aging Bohemians in the Liberty Street Home for the Elderly.
Something is terribly wrong in the nation's oldest national park.
Around the World in 80 Meals: The Best of Cruise Ship Cuisine weaves gastronomic delights around an exotic seven-day dream fantasy cruise.
Eleven-year-old Bartholomew Borax III can’t go to school, play outside or worst of all, make art... so he sketches in secret.
Dragons have disappeared from Artania, and a shadowy threat looms over the realm.
After enduring a marriage fraught with abuse and infidelity, Scarlett Kane's husband is suddenly killed in a motorcycle accident.
Left penniless after the death of her father, Sabrina Strong isn’t thrilled at the prospect of working for the North American Vampire Association.
Throw out everything you thought you knew about zombies.
In the aftermath of the Great War, the land of Nostraterra lies in ruins. While the Elves, Dwarves and Men rebuild their kingdoms, a sinister plan has been set in motion: the assassination of Alfrahil, Crown Prince of Eldora.
In the ancient, ruined city of Teotihuacan, mutilated bodies bear witness to the work of a serial killer.
What do you do when the monsters are real?
After private investigator Art Blakey is hired to find the missing sister of Inge Schwartz, the femme fatale, dead bodies start to accumulate at an alarming pace.
The Premier's adult daughter begins behaving with an utter absence of wherewithal and insight.
The Premier's adult daughter begins to behave with an utter absence of wherewithal and insight.
Will Chase ever find a woman worth loving?
Jilted by his bride-to-be, wealthy Spanish landowner Don Vidal Salazar fears he’s lost his passion for life.
Even in death, a mother guides her son through triumph and tragedy to his true destiny.
Before We Leave continues the scifi-western saga of Justine and Thalian descendants, living in Earth in the late 19th and early 20th century.
In fog-shrouded Victorian London, a ruthless serial killer is on the loose.
There are bodies. So many bodies.
Benjamin & Rumblechm is a story that will keep your children laughing, gasping and learning from the first page to the last.
Anthropologist Claire El-Badawy has spent the last ten years of her life applying for grants for an Amazon jungle expedition.
After a middle school field trip to Earth, Bigfoot youngster Errl is wandering in the forest, lost.
Count Witon has grown weary of the constant war between the races.
At Heathrow airport, a hired assassin is boarding a plane to Paris.
Socrates Blackwing - wizard, warrior and bounty hunter - has fallen into disfavor with his grandfather, The General.
Spring, 1945. The war in Europe is ending, but in New Orleans's French Quarter, the sultry nights conceal an even greater danger to humanity.
Helping a Federal agent track down the killers of a US Senator should be a simple case for someone as determined and experienced as Pinkerton Detective Simms, but shadowing him is someone far more dangerous and deadly than mere hired murderers.
A serial killer is loose in the small island town of Serendipity, Canada.
Gus Ritter is a bounty hunter on the trail of his brother's murderer. Gus is after more than money - he wants retribution. This time, it's personal.
Six men wake up in a hazy room.
When the perfect job comes up, Charlie doesn't have to think twice.
Artificial life form, Shakbout Mansard just wanted a quiet, ordinary life with his family. As one of the selected few of the Bottle Born who live as free citizens, this was a reasonable ambition.
The Reviled are the enemy.
He was my everything. My every day and my every night. My every dream and my every hope.
After several women fall victim to a serial killer, journalist Kate Rivendale becomes embroiled in the manhunt.
When young journalist William seeks out Elizabeth, an acclaimed author, hoping to write her biography, the recluse grants him twenty-four hours to hear her story.
When an extra ticket becomes available to see the dress rehearsal of King Lear, Kellan tags along with Nana D and her buddies.
After her father's invention earns her family millions, sixteen-year-old Teisha Cole moves from London to Florida.
After slave girl Micasa escapes with the help of her new friend, Hawke Morau, her world is turned upside down. She learns that Hawke's soul has been broken into fragments, each of which holds a different power from his past.
After being a slave for longer than she can remember, Micasa escapes with the help of her new friend, Hawke Morau.
Exiled by his power-hungry brothers, Prince Tarkyn encounters the woodfolk: a secretive group of telepaths living deep in the woodlands.
Layla Little was hurt and damaged by her previous relationship.
When Tara McPherson steps into her office, destiny stares her in the face.
Evelyn's camping trip takes a surprising turn when she gets caught in the woods during a wicked snowstorm. After a handsome stranger comes to her aid, Evelyn is quick to follow his lead.
Gold, gunfire and horseplay make for a dangerous and exciting mix for Jane, a newcomer to frontier Montana.
Faith. It's a small word. But real faith isn't always easy to come by: the smallest things can challenge our faith.
Under the cover of a severe winter storm, Mark will have to protect his town...or die trying.
Kate Brady never thought she'd set foot in her hometown again.
In a distant colony forged by ancient settlers, trouble is brewing.
This story is true. Not even the names have been changed.
Poetry is the only way to touch upon the experience of cancer.
The Dark World has placed a bounty on Sabrina’s head, and a rogue vampire intends to claim it.
Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in.
Years past her thirtieth birthday, English professor Caroline Jones' biological clock isn't just ticking, it's screaming, but her boyfriend seems to be dragging his feet.
Years past her thirtieth birthday, English professor Caroline Jones's biological clock isn't just ticking... it's screaming.
This is the story of Cassie: a rescue dog who was just over two years old when she joined Brian and Juliet’s family of rescues, having already had three previous owners in her short life.
April and Beth have escaped, and their captor is dead. Freedom is in their grasp - if only they knew where they were.
At the edge of the Pennine Moors, Detective Sergeant Blackshaw and his rookie colleague, Detective Constable Lumb, are called to the scene of a double murder committed on a burial ground.
A self-labeled enigma, Detective Inspector Jack Austin is at once miserable and amusing, melancholy and motivated.
Floyd Rampant is ready to cook – and humanity is on the menu.
After being incarcerated for countless years, Chelsea Grey is reunited with her mother and daughter, and begins her search of self. Finding reconnection with the world difficult, Chelsea seeks the freedom and finds it while working at the Wildlife Center.
Morry Sonen is a psychotherapist from Portland, Maine. After a terrifying session with a psychopathic patient, Morry`s impulsive personality propels him into a strange odyssey that lands him in the dark underworld of 1990s Manhattan.
Five years after surviving a cruel winter, delivering a daughter, and experiencing whirlwind celebrity, Georgia Charles’ ex-husband passes of a sudden heart attack.
Lion shapeshifter, Agent Chase Payne, doesn't have time for distractions.
When six gifted children vanish around the globe, an investigation reveals genetic experimentation, dubious funding and the disappearance of a research assistant.
In the middle of the night, Victoria Powell receives a distressing phone call from her friend Kayla. But when Victoria heads out to meet her, she's nowhere to be found.
In a kingdom in turmoil, people only care for riches and power. As a war breaks out between countries, a godly power is awakening.
After Garryn returns to claim the throne of his homeworld, he finds himself plagued with dreams of a mysterious star system with a yellow sun.
A missing student. A gunned-down detective. A woman in fear for her life. All three are connected.
An off-duty detective gunned down.
Michaela Matthews wants nothing more than to be happy.
It's Christmas Eve: a time of wonder, magic, anticipation... and terror.
Kevin Murdock, martial artist and outdoorsman extraordinaire, has survived his first five years on the planet Oomah.
When Clare picks up an odd stone, she never expects to be... transported?
Bank teller Claire Bennett’s life is forever changed when she wins the lottery, and buys an ancient fixer-upper on the idyllic island of Fuerteventura.
Rookie private eyes JJ, Rey and Linda stumbled and bumbled through their previous assignments with stellar results.
An archangel in exile. A powerful race of vengeful creatures. A conflict of world-ending proportions.
The unicorns are returning.
After unscrupulous young Lawrence is recruited as an assassin for the British Secret Service, he accidentally uncovers a terrible secret.
Lithir and Bruno are sent to find the traitor who plotted to kill Alfrahil.
Detective Matt Pendleton is still reeling after the death of his wife. Now a single father to his four children, time evaporates between working and caring for them. Desperate to make a connection, he takes his friend’s advice and hires an escort.
t was a simple job, babysitting really; keep surveillance on the minister's wife until she went safely to bed. Then all hell broke loose.
When a grandmother decides she's tired of being the matriarch of the least successful Jewish family in America, she begins to consult mystical, medieval texts.
In the world of Allwyn, humans are almost extinct.
A profound change has left Sabrina powerless at a time she needs her abilities the most.
Razor barely survived the encounter with Anh Ho, the Elder Tiger of the Vietnamese Mafia.
Nik Munro has the same nightmare every night.
England, 1471. Adopted as a baby, Denys lives with her mother Elizabeth: queen and married to Edward IV.
After salvager Jack Carson lands on Canis Dogma Five, capital of the long-dead Circian Empire, he finds a ghost cube that tells him he's been chosen to become the next Emperor.
Ollie and the crew are back!
Britain, World War Two.
Is it really better to burn out than to fade away?
Dance If Ye Can is an introduction to the huge variety of battles fought in Scotland, or fought by the Scots in the nearly nine hundred years when they were an independent nation.
One moment changed my life forever. Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same.
Following the events of Symbiosis, Jena Morane finds something lurking deep in unexplored space.
In the West Highlands of Scotland, after the end of World War One, Brenda and her friends are preparing for an expedition of a lifetime: climbing An Cailleach, also known as The Witch.
It’s 1914, and fear and paranoia rule the high seas.
It is said that the past always returns to haunt you, yet some forgotten pasts have whispered names and a debt for collection.
Mordecai Goldman is a man born of chaos.
In a desperate future, sisters Dawn and Gabby are trying to find their way and their family. As they encounter the forces of British occupation, they also come across the seeds of rebellion in a land previously known as the United States of America.
In 2023, MultiMind Corporation releases the Wristcuff, giving its wearers pleasant dreams and improved health... At least this is what Earth's population is led to believe.
Dr. Malecki Sadeq guards a horrifying secret.
Safety is an illusion.
Joe Simpson is a cynical reporter haunted by childhood memories.
Agnes Lockwood returns to Tyneside after spending a few months abroad. On her first visit, she gained quite the reputation as an amateur sleuth, as she helped the police solve a murder.
Demons roar from the mouths of lions and the devil lives on an alien planet in this collection of three adult fantasy/paranormal novellas set on Earth, Hell, and Heaven, and in the nether somewhere in between.
Desa Kincaid has spent the last ten years in pursuit of a man whose experiments have killed over a dozen people.
Annabelle Smith is a medium, drawn to the dead who need her help to pass over to the other side.
Brighton, England, 1856.
The Justice Keepers have faced their greatest defeat yet.
When Kevin Murdock, martial artist and outdoorsman extraordinaire, is revived from suspended animation aboard a transport pod, he and his nine fellow occupants have no idea what to expect.
Four divorced friends and a dating agency. What could go wrong?
Yes, you do. This book sets out the consequences of your action in picking up a ticket or minor criminal charge.
Running from love, she found her destiny.
Traded to a brothel owner as payment for a gambling debt, Dolly Stroud's Arizona life is forever changed.
Four saucy tales from the legendary vampire girls on Victorian London, bound up in one alluring volume.
As the elven city burns, Princess Kallan is taken to Alfheim while a great power awakens within her.
To aspiring writer Arthur Conway, the job offer from a small bank proves a welcome haven - especially with his mounting bills.
Don't mess with Timothy.
Engineer Janet Thompson steps through a Doorport to San Diego, but lands in San Francisco instead.
What really lurks under your bed?
From the day her five-year-old was abducted, Abigail Fisher vowed never to stop looking until her daughter was safely back home.
July, 1897. The Russian schooner, Demeter, sets sail from Varna carrying fifty oblong boxes partially filled with earth. A month later, in the midst of a raging storm, the derelict Demeter runs aground in Whitby, England, her crew missing save for her cap
Glint: A young man commits a murderous deed and has to flee back home. His only choice is to hitchhike the entire way, but fate has other plans for him.
At the steps of the Choosing Tower, Gordon tosses his name into the lottery like all boys his age.
When successful author Sherri Lambert moves back to her hometown after 40 years, she doesn’t expect to run into high school heartthrob Dylan Roberts – or to the visions that haunted her childhood.
Don't go near the water.
She wants to go places.
Whipped, beaten and abused for the first year of his life, Dylan was eventually left tied to the gates of a dog sanctuary, with a note telling of his treatment.
Marooned in the 19th century Old West, an alien must survive on the violent planet and return to his homeworld to destroy his mortal enemies and avenge his people.
A Thalian/Justine Mutant is stranded on a primitive planet called Earth.
In a dream, Watch Guard Melia hears her mother screaming.
Studying ancient sites on a backwater planet, Archaeologist Nosuma Okande finds more of them than The Institute has on record.
After several world catastrophes, robots called 'Tins' have come to power.
After aspiring novelist Jake Conley regains consciousness from a coma, he discovers he’s affected by synaesthesia, and that his now cross-wired brain endows him with heightened psychic powers.
Kalla has claimed the third and final aspect of the waking wolf goddess.
Go to Mount Calabur. Stand on the Nexus. Win the game.
Princess Almere felt the dragon's hard and smooth bulk sizzle between her thighs. Oh, how she missed her husband Stannock, who was fighting a war far in the northwest.
London, 1897. When romance author Christopher Price is told by his publisher to write gothic horror - the most fashionable genre at the time - he reluctantly accepts and retreats to his usual country cottage to write the book.
After a breakthrough in an investigation, Alex McEwan finds the address of his old lover - carved into the flesh of a murderer.
Something lurks at the edge of known space.
They took my childhood.
Evelyn grows up amidst hardship and heartbreak, plagued by unresolved emotions that follow her into adulthood as she seeks answers in a sea of questions.
When a Reacher terrorist group enlists the help of a deranged serial killer, their goal is simple: bring chaos to Britain.
Earth's fate hangs in the balance.
When three covert operatives are killed while investigating the kidnapping of a congressman's daughter, John Drake is called in.
Sophia Abuda is an author who has done more than just create fantastical romance novels. She’s lived them.
Breaking Bad meets Boston Legal in this true story of an Albuquerque trial lawyer.
Welcome to another journey into the dark, dysfunctional underbelly of New Mexico.
Sailing west across the Atlantic, Melcorka and Bradan encounter a strange woman entombed within an iceberg.
After the destruction of a Golden One spaceship, the Maca of Ayran is hunting down the one responsible.
Why would a beautiful Night Demon fall in love with a human?
Rachel and the Smith Brothers are on the run, trying to escape the dangers they left in the city.
In the heady, early months of 1939, Eva Thorne’s life is forever shattered.
Petteri Hannila's Fargoer is a historical fantasy novel deeply rooted in Scandinavian history and ancient pagan myth; a tale of retribution and survival.
Darren Lewis's acclaimed Baiulus series, now available as an omnibus edition.
Between the fast-paced New York City, a rural Mississippi town and a charming Pennsylvania college campus filled with secrets, two young girls learn the consequences of growing up too quickly.
In this heartwarming narrative based on a true story, a British airman embarks on a plan that risks it all to feed a starving, war-stricken family.
After Rachel and Matthew had their first child, they had a couple of fights. Well, okay, more than a couple—they fought for over three years.
I was damaged. Broken. I had given up on men. When I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was drawn to him instantly.
Blood waters the fields of Alfheim, as war rips across the land of usurped kings and elves.
This is the true story of a young dancer, whose naive dream of working in the Far East turns into a nightmare.
Born to a rich family, young Albornoz's father hopes he would pursue a military career.
At a masquerade ball to raise money for renovations to Memorial Library, Kellan finds a dead body dressed in a Dr. Evil costume.
Leader of the opposition, Sir Alex Bolton, is being blackmailed.
After living in the shadow of his older brother, Ivan Wells knows his place in life.
Machine gun fire and rifle bullets zing all around her as she maneuvers her plane to drop her bombs.
East Berlin, 1961.
Born in the dawn of man's history, with forever laid out before her, Amara is neither human nor vampire and yet fully both; a killer, a child, a lover, a monster.
The proud owners of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency - JJ, Rey, and Linda - have a new case.
In a sleepy California town, five teenagers discover abilities they could have never imagined, from reading minds to controlling matter and freezing time itself.
Italy, 1326.
Three years have passed since Jack Hunter changed the course of history.
How much can be forgiven?
Several years later we meet Spike, then Jake - both Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but totally different in every way.
Jonah has witnessed the unthinkable.
Two aliens of different species, fathered by a Justine man, are living their lives in 1860's Texas: one filled with rage against the world, the other drawn to return to his homeworld and reclaim his land.
Under Guardian William's rule, the people of Alsace huddle in castles, dreading the next attack of the Gemstone Wyverns.
Based on the life of West Texas pioneer J.D. "Big John" Sanders, Generations is a biographical celebration of Irish heritage, a story of indomitable spirit and unfailing vision, and of relentless pursuit of the American dream.
The clock is ticking for the human race.
arring countries, fantastical creatures, beings of terrible power and journeys of epic scale.
After losing a card game to Las Vegas gangster Danton, Kat McKay is kidnapped, and her heart removed from her chest.
His French honeymoon continually interrupted by a series of misdeeds, DCI Jack Austin returns to Portsmouth to find the missing link.
Will and Alice Harding, and their seven-year-old son Toby, have just moved to a new house in the countryside.
After orchestrating a string of daring train raids, Confederate scout Drouet Broussard is inducted into a secretive group only known as the Knights of the Golden Circle.
A family curse can reach across generations.
"A lush and evocative novel of the Gilded Age period, brought vibrantly to life in this powerful work." - Anne Girard, author of Madame Picasso
Allison Strange is not your typical young woman.
Hidden in the shadows of Glastonbury Tor lies an ancient secret.
The critically acclaimed first book in Steven Neil Moore's Joshua Chronicles.
History and legend combine in the gripping tale of Hakon Haraldsson, a Christian boy who once fought for the High Seat of a Viking realm.
A mass of European and American tourists descend on an idyllic tropical island for the holiday of a lifetime. Within hours, hundreds are dead.
Glasgow, Scotland, 1981.
When retired captain James Clipper gets his nickname, Granddad Bracey, he little realizes that it will involve them in an epic adventure on a far-away planet called Seven Seas.
In a small town in the Pyrenees, the death of a local farmer suspected of growing cannabis opens a Pandora's box of trouble.
Life has not been easy for Amber, Kathy and Theresa.
Why does everything always go wrong at the same time?
When a trusting young rabbit called Startup sets out to help his wildlife friends, he little expects to find himself being enticed by a slinky looking rabbit called Lola.
It's Halloween, and excitement is brewing in Braxton to carve jack-o'-lanterns, go on haunted hayrides, and race through the spooky corn maze at the Fall Festival.
Unspeakable acts and ghosts of the past
At the age of twelve, Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life. By the time she was twenty-two, she was being hunted.
Roxanne Fosch has joined the Hunters.
Heroes don't always walk in the light.
Follow your instinct.
Prison psychologist Eva Ross has dealt with her share of sinners.
Before he was famous, he was a fugitive.
In early 20th century Belfast, working class Meg Preston struggles to accept her own sexuality and yearns for forbidden love.
In early 1800’s England, the lives of two young women change forever in an unexpected twist of deceit and betrayal.
In the UK, Detective John Steel is investigating the organization who killed his family.
For years, Jesse West has been on the run from his own heartbreak.
Garden City, Kansas, 1888. A small Western town receives an early Christmas present: a new pastor for the church.
Garden City, Kansas, 1889.
When promises fail and danger looms, can love protect you?
Why were the Nazis scouring the globe for ancient artifacts?
For Annie Marshall, accepting her school friend's wedding invitation means being catapulted back to the small Highland town she fled twenty years ago.
Ethan Fisher is going to college.
Is there a place in heaven for an accidental angel?
A world of darkness surrounds Jean and Princess Linka.
John Hunter is a wanted man.
Northern Italy is the cradle for a precious culinary gem: the white truffle of Piedmont. Worth more than gold, the truffle is sought after by chefs and foodies alike.
Unleash the power of your mind and discover your potential.
I am Keats as you are: one man’s journey to final enlightenment.
Anita’s vacation in New York City ends tragically when she’s killed in Central Park, but instead of the end, it’s only the beginning.
When two masked men take a busy Los Angeles bank in broad daylight, police, SWAT and the media cover every visible angle of the bank. Despite hundreds of eyes on the bank, nearly a million dollars – and the robbers themselves - vanish without a trace.
Held captive by the fanatical 8th Battalion, Mason Jerah is convinced he doesn't have long to live... and he isn't alone in his captivity. The Shadows have a plan; one that could mean freedom.
Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency receives orders for another mission.
It is 689 AD, and Cynethryth is returning from Rome, carrying her dead husband's child.
William Bridge returns to foil another dastardly plot.
Orphaned on a backward planet, Lydia observes with inoculated indifference as the nearby Gaean Empire plans to crown its new Empress.
After his wife's death, former detective Sam Lerner returns to his native New Orleans and ends up at the Gentlemen's Club, an escort establishment owned by his longtime friend.
There's something wrong about Edwin, the new kid at school.
After an ordeal with the demon Naamah, Sabrina’s memory loss leaves her struggling to find herself and wishing to return to her home in the countryside.
Queen Serena and her allies have fled the massacre, taking Princess Linka with them.
A beautiful archaeologist. A love triangle. A mystery surrounding ancient artifacts.
Recuperating from his past mission, disturbed but driven D.I. Jack Austin returns to work amid a personality clash with a retired colonel - who happens to be his new Chief Constable.
The Twilight Zone meets H.R. Giger's Alien.
This small book looks at some of the strange things that make England unique
Jonah Rowe's doing great. His accounting days are behind him, and he has more allies than he can count among his fellow Eleventh Percenters.
Ahnia has a dicey past. It's scratching under the surface; dying to get out.
Kalopsia – (n.) The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.
Her memories died, but the dead won't let them sleep.
The most unusual love story is about to unfold.
Though he never fancied himself a white knight, Victorian-era business owner Christopher has always cared deeply for the welfare of his fellow countrymen. So when his mother introduces him to a woman in need, he's quick to take notice.
After an investigation spanning nearly two years, Los Angeles investigators come up empty in the case of a terrifying serial sex killer.
After thirty years on the police force, rising to the rank of Detective Inspector doesn't prepare Dexter King for the arrival of four strangers with impossible abilities, and an unbelievable secret.
A charismatic leader and activist for the homeless just might be New York's biggest threat yet.
Harald Hardrada wants the throne of Norway.
What evil still lurks in the heart of Transylvania?
In book three of the Nememiah Chronicles series, Charlotte Duncan begins to master her gifts – but when she confronts her nemesis, will she be strong enough to face him?
Kidnapped and brainwashed by a terrifying vampire enemy, Charlotte faces insurmountable odds as she struggles to deal with her new reality.
Abducted by an unknown enemy and fearing for her friends, Charlotte Duncan must draw on determination she never knew existed – and trust a mysterious stranger – to find a way out.
After a devastating tragedy, Charlotte Duncan has only one goal...
A routine dive takes a drastic turn for marine biologist Tess Hoffman and her boyfriend, when a monstrous underwater creature of unknown origin attacks them.
Kalla kyl' Solidor has become the Mother of Wolves.
Lady Milla Shade is an accomplished werewolf huntress with an impressive record.
Following the Second World War, young Ben uncovers a bizarre tale.
As the midnight train from Manchester to Liverpool approaches the city, it hits the body of a man.
Lefty is a black hitman working for the Chicago mob. Tasked with eliminating a mark, he kills the man and his wife, only to learn they have an infant daughter.
Young Torben has resigned to a mundane, sheltered existence, until a chance encounter catapults him into a world more dangerous than he ever imagined.
Dangers of the sea, and of island living, are cloaked behind a facade of sunny beaches, balmy tradewinds and swaying palm trees.
Fourteen-year-old Riley, Taisia, Skyler and Evelina discover they have supernatural powers: Riley can produce fire, Taisia can bend nature to her will, Skyler controls water and Evelína commands thunder and lightning.
After the collapse of a vast, ancient empire, four people each acquire a crystal with extraordinary properties.
In this poetry collection, Brian L. Porter will take you into the center of the action and make you feel as if you're really there.
Chino Genetti is about to break one of the first rules of being a hitman: don’t fall in love with your target.
A gifted healer accused of a crime she isn’t guilty of; a talented magician hunted by dark forces – in the second book in the Wise Ones series, unknowing players are entangled in a deceptive game.
Liberating Louie begins where Fully Staffed ended, and continues with Spike’s story.
Fighting against fate, a wielder of magic seeks balance as he is bestowed unbridled power – and an inescapable destiny.
Craft shop owner Amelia Ryan has more than just a talent for giving old barn materials new life. She can see Life Shadows: spirits of the dead.
Jonah Rowe thought he had the 11th Percent figured out.
Scotland has always given generously of her people to the world.
Toronto, 1960. Mo Gold and Arthur Birdwell, aka Birdie, are like fish out of water.
Ron Hawkins is a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces.
When Catherine Tedder’s husband dies suddenly in September 1822, she is left alone with two small girls, Margaret and Sarah.
Lily Hemp wasn’t looking for love. After losing her family in an accident, surviving was enough.
Distance, bank robbers, bureaucracy? No problem for this school teacher. She won’t let anything get in her way when she answers Love’s Call.
As doctor Marcus tries to catch a few quiet moments of sleep at the end of a busy day, he hears her voice.
Returning from exile, Katie is looking to start a new life in her old hometown.
The magic of love is in the air.
June and Maddie saw the faces of their loved ones reflected in the magic mirrors, but even that couldn’t prepare them for the wild ride predicted by Love’s Prophecy.
Who’s the hunk Cindy sees in the mirror?
The magic mirrors were becoming a legend.
Love does not need eyes to see. Love’s Sight comes from the heart.
When Angelica fell and hit her head, the year was 1995.
Raina loved performing on the London stage, but one night found herself dancing for only HIM.
Raina's Sire has released her to be with her human love. Finally.
While attending her brother’s wedding, freelance photographer Janet Montgomery finds herself once again fruitlessly vying for her father’s love.
Nobody sheds a tear when the body of Scott Stevenson, a local troublemaker, is found with an ivory tusk driven through his torso.
After Sydney Grey returns to her quaint hometown of Stoney Creek and begins renovations on her childhood farm, she discovers a set of journals written by her mother.
Mystery! Lollipops!
After a spaceship crashes into the planet Tonath, the lone occupant survives and fights his way to the sunlit part of the planet.
Young Audan sets off on an epic journey across the ancient Norse world.
Tonath is a planet in danger of being torn apart.
Melcorka and Bradan are returning from Cahokia.
Entangled between the gods of the old world and an extremist group in the new, retrocognitive Jake Conley seeks a way to stop the zealots - while struggling to survive.
A Defense Secretary shooting.
What will we do when our home planet has had enough?
Three strangers with an unlikely connection find themselves pawns in a dangerous struggle for power.
After a strange accident, Georgia awakens from a coma to a sea of faces she has no memory of, in a place she doesn’t remember.
A clever thief with a sinister calling card has invaded Braxton campus.
King Harald Fairhair is dying. Who will rule in his stead?
Dear reader, When we were children, we dreamed of being heroes. We wanted to slay dragons and defeat the monsters that scared us.
Ever heard a bump in the night, or phantom footsteps?
Mike Covell investigates more haunted inns and hostelries in Hull, looking at some of the older locations such as Ye Olde Black Boy and Ye Olde White Hart, exploring their history, and documenting the stories attached to them.
Journey into the dark heart of human nature with Moribund Tales. Reminiscent of Victorian Gothic, these nine tales explore the sinister and the strange in the everyday.
It is a year of awakening and change for Kalla kyl’Solidor; the Wolf Who Sleeps.
This story, highly fabricated though is, is written around my childhood understanding of a significant, singular incident in the life of my paternal grandfather.
Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, catching up with her past.
In the distant land of Platonia, ancient protectors of the Gracies are dying; only the Gemwings can restore the magic within the Well of Life.
Many years ago, magic prevailed in Britain.
Jackson has barely reached manhood when lightning heralds the end of the world as we know it. The lightning has awakened the Lamians: descendants of the mythological creature Lamia.
Breaking Bad meets Batwoman in this wild, action-packed vigilante adventure from bestselling author John Reinhard Dizon.
London, 1811
School teacher Lizzie is trying to find happiness.
Beyond the Black Veil, vampires outnumber humans ten to one.
Discover the true story of a woman trying to make sense of a mysterious world.
After the end of modern civilization, the world hangs in a dreadful balance.
When a group of miners on the sky city of Port Jericho accidentally release an ancient magick, a force they have never dealt with before assaults the Jerachi.
Mother Earth is crying. Yellowstone is dying.
'Of Aztecs and Conquistadors' is the definitive collection of Juan Pablo Jalisco's poetry.
Humor and nonsense, flights of fantasy into other realms, fright, disgust and disappointment, silliness and wonderment, and the sadness of reality and heartache.
Targeted by the local toughs, who make his life a misery, Luis works tirelessly to provide for his ailing mother and young sister.
John Patterson has always been a loner.
Francesca Clark-Bartlett, wife of the American Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, seeks more power than she already has.
Brothers Owein and Selwyn live in a small Welsh mining village in the early 1980s.
Rex Allen loves star quality in women.
What do you do when grief slams you in the gut and brings you to your knees?
Nathan Forrest is a lapsed Catholic, a welder, an illegitimate son, and a gifted jazz trumpeter.
Young film student Joanne is walking through the streets of London, making a hand-held documentary film, when she accidentally catches two men forcing a third man into a car on film.
This heartwarming story is set in a time when computers and mobile phones were still in their infancy.
We live on a planet that is a thin place - a place where time and light continually intersect.
Murderous nanobots are on the loose, and detective Maris Peterson is going to find out why.
The voice broke into his thoughts, everywhere and nowhere at once, deafening, yet somehow a whisper. “Are you ready to learn the truth?”
Harald Hardrada is returning to his homeland.
In a distant future, humans are on the run from the Warrior Alphas, who have taken over the planet.
It's the year 1915, and the British and Ottoman Empires are locked in a deadly struggle in the Middle East.
Take a rookie female cop, add a dash of mysterious death, and a heap of prejudice and suspicion. Place all in a small French spa town. Stir well
Lainey, a 17-year-old small town girl, has no idea she's about to be involved in a grisly murder investigation.
Seven hundred years in the future, a powerful alien race called the Jegg invade Earth, wiping out half of the Terran Confederation.
A restless young artist and a handsome pilot. What could go wrong?
Twenty years after Penny’s Hawaiian adventure, she and her husband are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada.
While researching the atrocities committed during the Apache Wars, university graduate Moneen Murphy learns of her great-great grandmother's key role in easing the tensions between the Pima tribe and the U.S. Army.
Penny's story is the fourth in Brian L. Porter's award-winning rescue dog series and features a tiny terrier, abandoned in a particularly cruel manner, and her subsequent adoption and life with the author and his family. From being attacked and needin
Captured first by the Nazis and then the Russians during World War Two, Percy Crow escapes in the bilges of a freighter from Soviet Russia to Hamburg.
King Alfred never achieved his dream of uniting the disparate Anglo-Saxon kingdoms into one Perfecta Saxonia.
When a female executive is harassed and assaulted by the company’s CEO – and subsequently fired – a tenacious attorney is determined to seek justice.
For underworld enforcer Richard "Rico" Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job: retrieve his gangster boss's stolen goods, and teach the person responsible a lesson.
A collection of valiant vessels and storied sea captains from years past, Pirates and Pickled Heads is an eclectic look at some of Scotland’s most unusual maritime stories.
Two young kings now rule the Kingdom of the Thirteen, surrounded by enemies.
The war between good and evil rages on.
When the effects of a hypnosis inducing drug fade, April slowly begins a conscious awakening. Memories of her past are unclear and she has no recollection of her identity or her whereabouts.
Polar bear shapeshifter Russell Tadzea is content with his rather isolated life in a small central Alaskan town. He has friends, work and a congenial, yet cautious relationship with his family.
For more than a century, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream was a potential Jack The Ripper suspect.
Just as Krista’s summer plans are almost ready, she is suddenly plagued by strange dreams and intense feelings of déjà vu.
After being kidnapped by the Chicago Heart Ripper, Finn O'Flaherty is his only surviving victim. Rescued by her brother, Finn struggles to come to terms with what happened and battles the amnesia that prevents her from identifying the serial killer.
After the Psy Storm, the world changed.
A serial killer is loose in tranquil Richmond-on-Thames.
Gus Ritter is on his way south to avenge his brother’s murder.
In a distant future only known as year 61 of MAQS, the quiet utopian district of Cherni contains the perfect system.
Bronze Medal Winner - Readers' Favorite Awards 2019 A cosmic game of chess is underway, and the planet Elystra is the board.
The chase is on for the greatest archaeological discovery of the 21st century.
Life in the jungle is never boring.
Hakon Haraldsson returns in this fast-paced historical adventure set in Viking Age Norway.
Olivia and Edward Lereux live a quiet life with their chocolate Border collie, Axel in a picturesque cottage flanked by Maine’s blustery cliffs, far from town and people.
A gloomy seascape is of little consequence to Julia, as a ferry transports her to an isolated Welsh island, to undertake a Spiritual Development course.
The Ragnarok has arrived.
Mankind faced extinction centuries ago, but with the help of the intergalactic Consortium they were rescued from the brink of destruction.
A drowned man. A sinister circus. And murder... murder... murder.
When novelist Jake Conley regains consciousness after a serious head injury, he discovers he’s affected by a rare condition: synaesthesia.
Take a respected female cop, add two drops of violent death, some ladies of the night, and a bucket full of blood
An international crime syndicate has arrived to New York, and they have their sights on the Nightcrawler.
A piece of ancient Overseer technology has been found.
Sometimes it's better to let old secrets lie.
Bill Gannon is back from the dead, and resumes his mission to protect Sabrina - the last Sibyl.
The battle for Thalia is imminent.
When a mysterious friend reappears in the lives of cousins Hannah and Jenna, a haunting past is revived.
When Carol overhears her father's plans to force her into a marriage, she takes matters into her own hands. Changing her name and appearance, Carol sets out to face the world alone.
Come on a whirlwind ride across time and place with one of the most recognizable figures of Western history – Joan of Arc.
Sex. Money. Power. Control.
When Sara Mason returns to her hometown to start a new life, she learns that a serial killer is terrorizing its residents.
He is known as The Master.
As a dark mist descends upon the vale of Romsdalon, the fate of the realm may very well rest upon the shoulders of a mere child.
It's Christmas and snow is falling over Red Forest.
In the dark corners of a castle deep in the Bavarian Alps, a secret awaits Daniel Stone.
After discovering a portal through space and time, Fritz helped the United States resolve a foreign crisis.
Sapphyre has always known of her magical abilities, but she is unaware of their origin - or how to control them. For the last two winters, she has served ale and food in the Dragon’s Flagon.
In 19th century Isle of Wight, Sarah Bembridge sets on a journey of adventure and misadventure.
SASHA is the story of a very remarkable dog: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier abandoned close to death at the age of 6 weeks old.
Come into the East End of London, 1888. Walk the streets of Whitechapel and slums of Spitalfields, side by side with history's most notorious serial killer.
The Earth is no more. Escaping the premature nova of Sol, humanity's last survivors flee their doomed home using an experimental drive that takes them to the far side of the galaxy.
Six years have passed since the Scholar, Hawke Morau, saved Micasa from a life of slavery.
Losing his job at the local newspaper after a series of unflattering doodles, William Bridge is called to help his uncle Albert keep his shop going.
Sam Wallace enters the Air Force as a spoiled, rich boy. Years later, he emerges a changed and troubled man.
Discovering her past could destroy her future.
With most of her past still a mystery and the man who tried to kill her dead, Scarlett thought she could live a normal life.
Rachael Connor has great looks, money and a home of her own, but childhood abuse has left her fearful of men.
Sarah Collins needs an escape. Mourning her brother’s death and the impending breakup of her marriage, she returns to her childhood home in South Carolina, where her family operated an inn.
Successful attorney and newly elected congressman Brian Madsen has a beautiful wife and a great career. He has done everything right.
Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her.
After the Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service is assassinated, a terrorist organization plans to unleash a weapon of apocalyptic proportions and bring the British government to its knees.
t's nearly midnight, and a curious snoop finds his neighbors dead. He gathers his wits and calls emergency services. Despite a torrential thunderstorm, Sheriff's deputies, the Fire Department, and an ambulance all respond quickly.
After getting fired from her safe job, wannabe writer Jane discovers what a wide world of other Janes there are. Ego-surfing with her best friend Christian gives her THE IDEA: the book she was born to write.
Jack Hunter's greatest adversary, the man who pushed him to his limits, was a terrorist who brought a city to its knees.
A new power is rising in the Highlands.
When he opened a portal into the Oval Office, Fritz Russell agreed to help make the world a safer place.
Before King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Britain was a land of shadows.
William Shakespeare, thief and genius. “Borrowing” other people’s stories, he used his unparalleled way with words to craft those stories into timeless plays.
An FBI agent with supernatural powers. An elusive serial killer. A mystery in the Navajo Nation.
Philadelphia, 1791.
Sheba is the sequel to Brian L Porter's award-winning bestseller, Sasha, and tells the story of rescue dog Sheba, Sasha’s best friend, starved, beaten and used as bait for the training of fighting dogs and then thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die, a b
“We all have our memories; the guitar still sang...”
“Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves before we get divorced?”
In the quaint town of Huntly, a moonlit ritual is observed by a Professor of Anthropology from a prestigious London university.
Something has gone terribly wrong on the campus of St. Aggie's University.
Every night I have the same dream I save them and my world continues on But when I wake I'm alone The cold darkness reminds me I failed And that the war is already over We lost I didn't save them I failed
When local girl Misty is found dead in an underground bunker, the town is thrown into a whirlwind of panic and speculation.
Effects of several incidents have rocked the Royal National Bank to its core, causing its share price to tumble and world stock markets to ripple. International economic stability is at risk.
There's a buzz in the air — and it's deadly.
When sixteen-year-old Buddy Clemson meets a stranger about his own age, he’s willing to overlook the young boy’s outlandish outfit and his strange habit of talking to himself. Little does Buddy know that he’s just met a visitor from the planet Betelle, wh
Zofia Trickenbod, a sorceress from another planet, is stuck on modern-day Earth.
After Zofia and her family return to their world, everything should be fine... but is not.
Love and war in 14th century Scotland
Kwame, the son of a tribal chief, wants more from life than can be found in his small West African village.
After his mother walks out on him and his father, Jed loses himself.
The Light-loving Fey have rescued Gairynzvl.
After astrobiologist Jules Rammis returns to Earth after saving the Terran colony on planet Tartarus, he hopes to spend some time with his six-year-old daughter Lisa, who has inherited his telepathic skills.
A fanatic general is plotting to conquer the galaxy, and only Jules Rammis can stop him.
After a sinister alien race invades a peaceful planet, planning to eat its inhabitants, Jules Rammis has another heroic mission to accomplish.
TangleRoot pits astrobiologist, telepath, adventurer and all-around nice guy Jules Rammis against mafia bad guys and a race of aliens that doesn't like to share.
Jules Rammis - telepath, astrobiologist, reluctant adventurer - is up to his ears in trouble again.
Jules Rammis, intrepid astrobiologist and telepath, receives a desperate call from his buddy Huff, a marsupial denizen of planet Kresthaven.
After losing her husband, Janet Porter’s life in the wooded heights of Oregon's Willamette Valley has begun to settle down.
After the brutal slaying of his family, British Special Forces ex-agent John Steel arrives in New York with a singular purpose: find the person in the photograph.
Judea, AD 66.
In the story of a soldier who served in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 2005, Scott reveals the behind-the-scenes life of an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer.
When history teacher Fritz Russell walks through his classroom door, he finds himself in the company of General Robert E. Lee - over 150 years in the past.
As Fritz Russell’s summer of exploring the past with the portal comes to a close, the president recruits him for a crucial mission – stop a coup that threatens the outcome of a vital election.
As the president negotiates to end war in the Middle East, another plot to destroy peace moves into high gear.
With a lengthy list of suspects and a host of duplicitous motives, the shocking double homicide of two lovers brings seasoned state detective Al Bruce to the town of Hunter’s Creek.
Emma is unhappy at home.
In Ireland, truth, folklore, mythology, and legend are indistinguishably interwoven into a Celtic knot of strangeness.
In the macabre style of Stephen King, with twists of satire and irony reminiscent of O. Henry, comes three Strange Tales...
Strange Tales of Scotland all deal with a particular aspect of Scottish mysteries.
What lurks beneath the waves, and onboard the most mysterious of ships?
Fifteen years ago, the innocence of the small town of Pleasure, Wisconsin was stolen by a young boy.
Student Affairs chronicles the progress of five students through a turbulent second year at Chattlesbury University.
For years, Clair has wanted to end her life.
On the idyllic Sullivan’s Island, a vicious serial killer is on the loose.
As Jane steps from the rubble of her West End home she meets Will; he offers fun, laughter and love in abundance. But will his kindness lead to a happily ever after, or draw Jane into secrecy and danger?
If it was legal to kill, would you?
After stealing a famous Rembrandt painting, Terry learns that his daughter Angie has been kidnapped... and the canvas is the ransom.
Ten thousand years ago, a powerful alien race called the Overseers scattered primitive humans across the galaxy.
Kiera is the daughter of the notorious Richard Boyd, the man responsible for the death of hundreds of shifters.
When shifters Leo and Blake head to a seedy dive bar, the last thing they expect to find is a beautiful young woman in severe distress. Offering to help her seems natural to both of them.
The Lead Trifect of planet Yanda gives Invasion Officer Morg a choice: deliver Joseph Conway safely to Earth, or lose everything.
A new force has awakened in the galaxy.
In Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, Professor Ted Forsyth created the Lazarus Engine, which could bring the dead back to life.
Jonah Rowe is looking for meaning for his life.
Across the bleak moorland stalks a beast.
The Earth as we know it is about to end.
Tired of lying in wait, the exiled Noble Bandit seizes his chance at revenge.
Connor has trained and shed blood to protect Earth.
Read the full account from the man who brought the story to the British media in 2016.
Private eye Dick DeWitt - called Dick Dimwit by some - needs a case badly during the dark days of the Great Depression.
Chelsea, 1547.
Lewis Darby, a science fiction writer of some repute, is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.
The Career-Minded Student provides undergraduates with a complete toolkit for excelling in classes, researching their strengths/interests, finding a suitable major and preparing to compete for jobs right after graduating from college.
While exploring a cave with his friend Sam in a remote section of Carlsbad, New Mexico, 16-year-old Nathan Chambers stumbles upon a stranger from another planet.
For over 20 years, Kingston upon Hull was free from murder.
The year is 1985, and O' Hare's Travelling Circus is touring the country.
Great Britain is called upon by the American President to help neutralize an international terrorist threat.
Strange events are taking place in the small town of Nosfort, Massachusetts.
Breaking the Thomas Malone case was an achievement, but nothing can prepare DC Angela Murphy and her colleagues for the challenge ahead.
England, 1970s. A bustling mining town awaits the arrival of their new vicar.
A week-long stay in a creepy Connecticut mansion is replete with hidden passageways, disappearing corpses, and quirky inheritance recipients.
Will one lie too many ruin it all?
France, 1682.
A missing princess.
Something evil lurks in the woods, on the outskirts of town.
Jedadiah Crow has been passed a legacy of valor, both from his father - a mountain man - and a Crow war chief.
Join Mike Covell in a journey through time, researching stories of sea serpents, giant squid, big cats, Devil Dogs and other strange animals seen in Hull and East Yorkshire.
Deaf teen David Nickerson’s life is in crisis. His mother has died in a car crash and his sister Sally, now confined to a wheelchair, has mysteriously disappeared.
Final days of the Earth are here.
Amber has a simple wish; to meet her soulmate, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.
After Lord Harry Paterson is summoned to London following his father's murder, he discovers an age-old secret and must ascend into his family's true inheritance.
What awaits Brandy in The Devil's Bed?
When you meet the love of your life, the last thing you expect is your sister luring him away.
Michael is a young bookworm who really believes in magic.
During his senior years, John - a retired high school English teacher - decided to finally write his memoirs.
September, 1821.
When George Sinclair discovered he can destroy ghosts and save their victims, he became a ghost killer.
Tonight, the world ends.
Seeking Sword looks to the south for only one thing: The Northern Imperial Sword, which now lies dormant in the vaults of the Eastern Empire.
In the year 2054, the ruling fundamentalist Christian Church does not encourage its great artists; it mindwipes them.
The Eternals, neither human nor vampire, are the last inhabitants of a dying Earth.
In a leafy suburb of Shanghai lives Li Yang: a local employed by various foreign families to take care of their needs.
Forensic Analyst Clare Rosser has focused her career on becoming a detective, and solving the mystery of her parents’ murder.
In ancient Finland, young Vierra begins her passage to adulthood.
In a game of destiny and death, mortal fates hold little importance.
After Christina breaks the Fifth Commandment, strange things begin to happen - and take her away from home in Normal, Illinois.
Dundee, Scotland, 1862.
Farmgirl Lynnette Humphry’s life changes when she submits herself as a mail-order bride, and receives a proposal from handsome Wyoming rancher Jacob Hardy.
As the balance between Order and Chaos shifts, the Kingdom of Freya falls ever deeper into the clutches of dark and evil forces.
The life of a traveler was all Zya S'Vedai had ever known.
"Be prepared to burn the midnight oil. It's well worth it." - Historical Novel Society
Held together for millennia by the Gael Gates, The Federation is on the verge of collapse.
For over a decade, Mike Covell has investigated the unexplained.
The savage murders of four mothers are an echo of a nightmare witnessed by a horrified city.
Lacey is your average, everyday teenager. She goes to school, tries to maintain a 'D' in chemistry and spends Friday nights creeping on her crush on Facebook. She is ordinary just like everyone else - except that she can change the future.
Young Ephraim Goldman is the author of a perennial bestseller.
Forty-year-old Callie Jamison thinks she has a good life as a rancher's wife, until her husband divorces her for a younger woman who can give him the children Callie never did.
Coming from the Scottish Highlands to Edinburgh in search of a husband, Alison Lamont finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Orphaned after his family dies in an accident, young Sek runs from his abusive foster home.
Hull has a long history of allegedly haunted homes, and this book tackles numerous cases that have come to light through the years.
In this thrilling journey through Hull's history, Mike investigates allegedly haunted inns.
The future of the Empire hangs in the balance.
After Howard Greenfield's routine business trip ends with a reckless night of passion, he ends up with a gun and a mission.
If you're looking for a hardboiled detective in the mold of Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade, Dick DeWitt is not your hero.
Through generations, their honor and bravery prevailed.
Unimaginable horror awaits Rose Baines in The House on Blackstone Moor.
Sara Mason joins in searching for Huxley's MIA brother's remains in the Vietnam jungle.
Read how the story of the Humber Monster went from a little-known case in the 1920’s and 1930’s to a worldwide phenomena, resulting in Mike being tasked with collecting, collating, and investigating cases from the era up to the present day.
The Insanity Machine is an introspective look at life with paranoid schizophrenia.
California archaeology student Chione has vivid dreams about the discovery of an opulent tomb.
Syrina is a Kalis: a master of disguise, assassin, and spy.
After young Connor is gifted with superhuman abilities, her life changes. When she learns of others like her, Connor sets on a path to discover her true origin.
From the moment she arrives to California, architect Lia knows her working trip to the west coast is a disaster. The company that hired her seems determined to discredit both her work and her professionalism.
It has been a year since Alex and Bartholomew first ventured into the mystical Artania.
In the fourth book in the Nememiah Chronicles, Charlotte fights to move forward in her war against the Vampire Council – but are her endeavors enough to ensure that she is the one that survives?
In a dystopian future, superhumans are being manufactured.
1920's Mexico and the American Southwest hold many dangers, as the last Apache strongholds persist against the foreign invaders.
When a teenage girl witnesses a carjacking gone bad, she is marked for death by a crime boss.
1712 – Marseille, France.
Angelique Clairvoux lives in St. Martinsville, Louisiana, free of the slavery in other parts of the south.
Eighteen-year-old Peyton is a typical Midwest girl - until the Shadow helps her escape the most gruesome murder that the small town of Jenks, Oklahoma has ever seen.
25 years ago, Sarah Madden lost her husband to Mt. Everest.
Jules Rammis - astrobiologist, adventurer, man of honor - gets into so many jams that you might as well spread him on toast.
On planet Tartarus, Jules Rammis is searching for the missing link between the reptiles of the alien world and mammalian life on Earth. An eccentric loner, Jules is soon enlisted to find the missing archeologist Christine Saynes.
Caught in a blizzard, Prince Tarkyn and his companions get trapped in the Lost Forest: a mystical realm of captivity where all must face their innermost fears – or spend an eternity.
In a world devastated by corruption, Father Darcy has lost his faith.
Can a painting be a link between the present and the past?
England, 1859. After Lorna Buchanan returns from her trip to India, she looks forward to a quiet life as a teacher in St. Ann's College.
Cangrande della Scala is everything a man should be.
Everything they touch burns. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead.
When a monk is found poisoned at St. Emma’s Priory, the Chief Constable - a friend of the Prior - insists that Andy Ross and his team handle the investigation.
Pen Kenders is a dishwasher in the Kingdom of Antacia, and he likes it that way.
In 1950's Westburn, Scotland, Tim Ronsard only has a few months remaining until he leaves St. Mary's School.
On her 20th birthday, Mary Hepburn - daughter of the local magistrate - learns that she is to marry John Aitken, a much older man.
When an angel loves a demon, will it be the romance of the ages... or the end of the world?
A group of women gather at a Belgian fertility clinic, where Dr. Margherita Dumas offers a revolutionary, experimental treatment for their infertility problems.
After finding Sauvern's Sword, the companions set off to help a friend rescue his child from kidnappers.
This book brings together years of Mike Covell's writing, featuring ghost stories and hauntings, ghostly myths, ufology, cryptozoology, dark history and more.
This book offers an in-depth look into weird and wonderful cases that defy explanation, and cannot be pigeonholed into any category.
Mike Covell collected hundreds of newspaper reports pertaining to ghosts and hauntings in Hull between 1800 and 2018.
Two siblings are torn from their beds at night by The Government and transported into an isolated stronghold hidden in deepest Siberia.
Seer. Guildsman. Traveller.
When the good people of Cranston, Texas learn a hometown boy has been killed in Iraq, they set about mounting a proper memorial for their fallen hero.
In the narrow, twisting streets of this decaying 19th century city, the murders of two boys shock the locals.
Following a civil war, one empire grapples with the devastating fallout.
Jasper and his family enjoy living in the Amazon jungle.
As violence and terrorist attacks become prevalent, the world descends into chaos. Outraged by the lawlessness, citizens demand a harsher penal system, and the Phoenix Project is born.
Sabrina Brooks remains in a coma at Bellevue Hospital, surrounded by government agents.
Fritz Russell has disappeared into the portal, leaving a trail impossible to follow.
After his mother and sister are killed in a trailer fire, Luke Smith turns to thievery to raise money and protect his people from oppression.
Verona has won its war with Padua, but lost its war with the stars.
A phonecall in the middle of the night changes Rob MacLaine's future.
Will Junior's secret destroy him from the inside?
Darkness surrounds the land of Avalyne.
The Mages have returned.
King Crana of Ver returns to his capital, unsure what to do after learning he is responsible for Commander Samson’s death.
Yo ho ho, shiver me timbers, and other pirate-related sayings.
Would you go back?
In the aftermath of betrayal, the San must defend Earth.
From a young age, Ayla has known her gift.
Every city in the United Kingdom has had their gangs.
It's been said a man falls in love an average of three times in his life. If that's an accurate assessment, it stands to reason two of those three must end in heartbreak.
Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes, and always be ready to run. Whatever happens... Always be ready to run.
Rachel’s father called it the running game.
In a cold future, Simeon Allis struggles with an existence he doesn't understand.
Sophie is a beautiful housewife on the brink of a midlife crisis, unhappy with her errant husband.
This seaside town holds more secrets than you could ever imagine.
Colonel Anselm Bernhardt devotes his attention to stealing Italian art – and having his way with Italian women – but there is one great treasure that he covets even more.
Hi, I’m Arthur Merlin. I used to be an ordinary guy, until a freak accident changed my life. Now my friends are afraid of me, and so am I. See, I developed superpowers: telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis, to name a few.
Do you believe in magic?
King Uther Pendragon, High King of the Celtic Tribes, braves the winter seas and sets sail for the Isle of Erin.
Ten-year-old Soren is the youngest apprentice of the legendary warrior, Raven Lennox.
After the campaign against the Norse, Melcorka the Swordswoman is unsettled.
As Brother Amos grows to be the Teacher for all of Tonath, he must stand against the heresies of the Silver Institute in Anoth and the Green Institute in Greenland.
The inventor of the world's first teleportation device has been savagely murdered, and Global Inspector Burt Campbell is tasked to uncover who killed the infamous scientist.
A disparate group of people, thrown together in darkest Dorset, strive for a sense of community against a post-pastoral backdrop of shady goings on and murder.
Annie Morton is eight years old.
Best known in peacetime for his bumbling ways as a private eye, Dick DeWitt finds himself inducted into the U.S Army during World War II.
An international coalition is planning a return to the gold standard.
After the Crown Prince of Ponderia starts behaving strangely, his best friend Pettic discovers that the prince has been replaced by a doppelganger, and the real prince kidnapped.
After his return from Aeris with the gem of air, Pettic receives a letter from the king. He is to see Torren and rekindle their relationship.
Alicia Collinson poses a surprising question to her dinner guests: “Do you think lying is endemic in society today?”
Discover the strange legends, tales and history of Wales.
Everyone’s playing an angle in the City of Angels.
Love is the hardest game.
The Norse thought they could conquer Scotland. They were wrong.
Who are Master Trey's Flawless Outlaws?
A series of nuclear attacks has left the world in a Great Depression.
A telephone call to the local veterinarian's office breaks the peace of Alderney Island.
As summer draws to a close before junior year, Rowyn Black is tired of seeing the Tower card stare up at her from the table.
During the cold winter of 1881 the Rising Sun, a fishing smack, sailed from Hull.
The young kings stand oceans apart.
A strange glowing light, an ominous green mist, and deadly secrets unearthed – chased by the military, a woman races against time to save her family and expose the truth.
He had escaped the horrors of the last few months. Started a new life, with his new family.
In the late 16th century, Scotland is divided by war. Jeannie Tweedie of Lethan Valley is betrothed to Robert Ferguson; a man who others do not believe is worthy of her.
The Mike Covell Investigates series returns with The UFO Files: the first book to examine Hull-based UFO reports and sightings.
Discover the fascinating life of Alice Bailey: a long-forgotten occultist widely regarded as the Mother Of The New Age.
It's rush hour on a cold autumn morning when Jon Hesker takes the bullet; a punishment for seeing what he shouldn't have. For asking too many questions.
Angela Murphy has just started as a detective on the mean streets of Glasgow, when the mutilated corpse of a young prostitute is discovered in a squalid apartment.
Former intelligence expert Darren Priest tries to distance himself from his old life, and turns to a new vocation as a wine and food writer.
Nothing can prepare you for the secrets of The Villagers.
David’s trial by fire awaits.
Soon, Scott and his family are threatened by someone who wants the case dismissed - at any cost.
After 27 years of service, energy executive Kevin Walters is fired when he reports a lethal mine explosion.
Three months before the invasion of Iraq, a member of a Masonic fraternity known as the Rosicrucians escapes from a British Intelligence holding station.
With the help of three inside men, a group of extremists targets a nuclear power center with the intent to spread deadly radiation to the world.
In this third and final adventure of the Moon Singer trilogy, the prophecy of the Moon Singer is realized. But it all revolves around the answer to one question: Can music actually create and destroy life?
On the Greek island of Spetses, author Kenneth Graham is trying to finish his novel.
In a faraway place, two lost souls are being hunted. A witch wants their heads, sending a gang of marauders after them.
This fully illustrated book is a must-read for kids and grown-ups who never really grew up.
As civil war spreads through the realm of the sorcerers, the woodwolf become under attack by unknown abductors.
As the confrontation between King Kosar and Prince Jarand looms, forest fire, subterfuge, clandestine troops and poison all threaten Prince Tarkyn and the woodfolk.
All Carthinal wants is admission to the ranks of the mages.
In 2025, free will can no longer be taken for granted.
We had the forever kind of love. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him, except let him go.
A scion of legends. The future of an organisation. Or an outcast and a pariah?
After a heart attack, lawyer Tony Stanford finds himself not in this world, but on a heavenly golf course.
Explore the distant realms of your imagination.
Mason Jerah is a Shade, a mythical healer, living in secret in Northern California
A bolt of lightning. A crack of thunder. The lingering smell of ozone in the highly-charged air.
The Princess of Edinburgh has been kidnapped, and peace talks in Northern Ireland are in danger of falling apart.
A strange object crashes in a field behind the Half Moon Inn.
The time of the Stonechosen has come.
With his parents deceased and his older brother deserting his family, William Blay is struggling with insolvency.
The Consortium has been shattered. Mankind has nearly been eradicated, and Caelum is close to civil war.
When superhero hairdresser Timothie Hill dons his spangled cape, all hell breaks loose.
Three men ride into the town of Glory and by the look of them, they are not coming to enjoy themselves.
Amethyst and Topaz Plantagenet are two very different sisters.
Just before the German occupation during World War II, the Marquand family flees their home in the English Channel, and never returns.
"Rosano stages mysteries with the insider knowledge, finesse and flair of the accomplished wine, food, and travel writer he is. And it all happens in Italy."- Ambassador Magazine
Life hasn’t been easy for Cady Caldwell, struggling first with her drug-addicted parents, then mistreated by the husband she though would be her savior.
New friends and shocking revelations await Sabrina in Trill, the second book in Lorelei Bell's Sabrina Strong series.
Kurt Hammer's life is falling apart.
After Russian researchers develop a miracle cure for HIV, Trident Corporation begins the drug’s beta testing in America.
Lion shifter Turner Payne has dedicated his career to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs.
Compelling collection of short stories from Mari Collier, author of Earthbound.
Twisted Tales from the Desert - an anthology of short stories with twisted views and endings.
In this collection of short stories, you’ll meet vampires, zombies, elves, and aliens​. You’ll step into an old haunted house​. You’ll even witness a ​trial of the Kafkaesque sort​, set in the distant year 2668.
Enter worlds both strange and familiar.
In the beginning of the bloody 11th century, young Ulf is taken hostage by King Aethelred.
On rebel planet Elysium, a man is executed on live video streamed by religious extremists.
As Trisha approaches the old church, she challenges the stony gargoyles perched atop the building with a stony gaze. Little does she know the demonic creatures are watching her.
After Trisha's naughty adventures at the church, the gargoyles have taken her down to the catacombs.
In the brutal, unforgiving West a dozen years after the California Gold Rush, a lone Pinkerton detective is on the trail of two vicious killers.
It happens every year. A select few disappear, never to return.
For his whole life, Thordric has been told that his magic is dangerous, and that he must never use it. All over Dinia, half-wizards are treated the same, their magic labelled as dangerous and uncontrollable.
After six years in the Wizard Council, Thordric's confidence in his magic has grown.
The floating city, Utopia, is all sixteen-year-old Aurora has ever known.
As a veil of darkness descends upon the land of Midgard, the forces of hell emerge to extinguish all life.
Defence attorney Celeste Maher has seen her share of gruesome cases, but nothing as disturbing as the crime her client, Velimir Radojka, is accused of.
In the new Rome, duplicity and death reign supreme.
Two young women are stabbed to death in Tyneside. But what's the connection?
The first year at Chattlesbury University is coming to an end.
This recipe book is the culmination of many years of cooking and baking by the author. She is passionate about food quality and believes that home cooked is best.
Antonio Vivaldi's music has mesmerized audiences for three hundred years.
Eight years after the tumultuous events of The Master of Verona, Pietro Alaghieri is living in exile in Ravenna, enduring the loss of his famous father while secretly raising Cesco, the bastard heir to Verona's prince, Cangrande della Scala.
Born in war. Yearning for revenge. Trained to kill.
Hakon Haraldsson took their father’s throne. Now the sons of Erik Bloodaxe have come to get it back.
Years after leaving the 113th Foot, Jack Windrush is sent to the Northwest Frontier of India to investigate reports of gun-running among the Pashtun tribes.
Three prominent world figureheads disappear following The World Summit in Kuala Lumpur.
The Reaper Virus has raged across the globe, leaving over one billion people dead.
After 40 years of marriage, Olivia Glass thought she could handle the unexpected death of her husband.
Psychic Selene Johansen is an excellent police investigator, able to determine guilt from the first handshake.
When 13 year-old Greenwick wakes up in a forest, he has no memory of how he got there - or who he is.
After three desperadoes ride into the town of Monkford and hold a congregation at gunpoint, a shootout ensues.
When runaway teenagers Don and Janet pull off the mountainside road for a few hours’ rest, they don’t expect to wake up 1000 years in the future.
Dante Rinaldi is born to Italian immigrants in the West of Scotland.
Ethan Fisher is kind of a badass. Just ask him.
Courtney Ross has always done everything by the book.
Nellie Bly has the story of a lifetime. But will she survive to tell it?
A robbery in London.
After George gets ill, the dreams begin.
On a flight to Washington D.C., the past twelve years of Michael Warren’s life begin to unravel.
What is really important in life?
“The flag bearers!” Sergeant Loyod pointed down the line as three Confederate battle flags made it to the top of the berm, waving erratically back and forth. “Shoot’em down! Don’t let them rally!”
High school love isn't meant to last forever... is it?
How does a fated love rise from a pleasant note to a passionate symphony?
In a sleepy, historical Iowa town, tourist season is in full swing, and the strangest serial killer the world has ever known is roaming at will.
There comes a time in a girl’s life when she is faced with a troubling question.
Fed up after waiting eight years for her former professor, Michael, to bring an end to their unrequited longing, English instructor Sheridan finally takes the initiative and asks for the relationship they both want.
Luke Miller embraces being a golden boy. He’s not even ashamed to admit it.
As the world descends into ever darker chaos, Alaric Lambrecht seeks vengeance. No matter the cost.
The irresistible harmony between musicians creates a passionate symphony, but past discords and present clashes sour the melody. Can their love finally ring true?
Half-vampire Ollie inherits his uncle's detective agency in the undead town of Skullenia.
In the 19th century West begins the saga of a powerful family.
Why? Is a story set in a web of despair, sex, unreachable emotion and love.
Wild Monsters Dance About is a collection of 21 short stories that will take into author M.J. Sewall’s unruly mind.
On the surface, Willard Notch is another quiet New Hampshire town.
This thematic book introduces the history of the Firth of Forth, the gateway to the east of Scotland and Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.
Burmese War, 1852. Unable to join the famous Royal Malverns, Jack Windrush is commissioned into the despised 113th Foot.
It's 1854, and the 113th Foot is commissioned to Sevastopol during the Crimean War.
Malta, 1854.
Captain Jack Windrush and the the infamous 113th Foot are assigned in India just before the Indian Mutiny breaks out.
Jack Windrush is still in India during the late stages of the Indian Mutiny.
Recently separated from her cheating husband and unaware of a budding pregnancy, Georgia Charles is on her way to Yukon to visit a childhood friend.
Former Marines, Early and Behr, are looking for the man who killed Early’s wife.
Tim Mulrooney is at a crossroads in his life when he meets Lauren: the beautiful wife of a prominent Long Beach physician who has been brutally murdered.
Alex is happily married.
The group called Wolf have been enlisted into the Erian Army against their will, and they soon learn that an invasion is planned into their homeland of Grosmer.
Mara is a werewolf. Powerful. Beautiful. Alone.
David is a boy without a family, stealing to survive - until an unexpected meeting changes his life.
Meg has a troubled past. In and out of foster homes, she is the survivor of a childhood tragedy.
World War Two, 1944.
In 1912, a young girl is found dead.
Women of Scotland is a thematic time trip through Scottish history and the important part that women have played in its past.
Winds of war sweep across Europe, threatening to engulf the entire globe.
Ellie Chambers always wanted to be a writer.
Written and compiled by award-winning novelist Mary Deal, Write it Right - Tips for Authors is a major source of information for breathing life into your prose. Learn how to polish your writing with tips and examples, and make your prose leap off the page
What happened to Grendle The Shopkeeper?
After a police officer's family is taken hostage, he faces a deadly choice: one of his family members will live, and the other will die. He must make the decision, and time is running out.
Right after the outbreak of the First World War, Michael falls in love with Phoebe after dancing with her at the college ball. What he doesn't know is that Phoebe is already in love with another man, James.
Alien invasion? Zombies? Vampires?
Cats and their humans have always lived peacefully together: ancient Egyptians worshiped them, musicals have been written about them, the internet goes gaga for them.
In Middle-England, a sleepy village is preparing for its annual fete. Pumpkins and scarecrows adorn the houses, and shops line the winding streets.