Choices (N/A) by Michelle Lynn

Michaela Matthews wants nothing more than to be happy.

Choices (n/a)

Michaela Matthews wants nothing more than to be happy. Standing in her way is a family pushing her down a specific path and the man she loves preventing her from choosing anything different. When she moves to the city for the next step in her parents' plan, she starts to figure out what she wants - or more importantly, what she doesn’t want.

Jason Marks has had the life where things just seem to happen for him, wkith no choice involved. It’s a struggle for him to keep his past at bay while he tries to move forward. He is no longer the unwanted foster kid; he is a business owner, surrounded by people that love him. But he isn’t in love, and isn't sure if he even believes in it.

Not until a heartbroken girl falls apart in his arms. But is it enough to make him give all of himself to someone who might not choose him in return?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

Keywords: contemporary romance

Word Count: 53720

Sales info:

Strong sales record, first in a series.

Sample text:

"Happy Birthday!"

Michaela pulled the phone away from her face and groaned. "What time is it?"

"11:50," her brother answered, a little too loudly in her opinion.

"And you're calling me why?"

"I do every year," he said, sounding slightly offended that she didn't remember.

"Right." She rubbed her eyes and yawned. "I thought you were coming home today. I was waiting for you."

"Sorry, sis. I had something I had to do."

"Okay," she paused. "Well, when will you be here?"

"Sooner than you think." She didn't get the chance to ask what he meant before he hung up.

"Thanks a lot, bro." She sighed and put her phone back on the bedside table. She closed her eyes, but before she could fall asleep there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Trying to sleep in here!" she called. Didn't everyone get how cranky she would be without her sleep? She couldn't imagine who would be up at midnight on a Monday [O1] - besides her brother. Apparently no one, because that's who opened the door.

"Chris!" Michaela bolted out of bed, suddenly awake, and threw her arms around him.

"Hey, Mic," he laughed. "Good to see you too."

 [O1]People love this word… I personally hate it.  C’est la vie.

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