Utopia N/A by L.J. Higgins

The floating city, Utopia, is all sixteen-year-old Aurora has ever known.

Utopia n/a

The floating city, Utopia, is all sixteen-year-old Aurora has ever known. With three other cities, it is home to the survivors of cataclysmic events that ended life on Earth years ago.

After witnessing her mother’s murder, Aurora finds herself on the run from the very people who are meant to protect her. With the help of her best friend Fletcher, Aurora must find the truth behind her mother’s death, and why she is being hunted.

While someone wants the facts to remain hidden, Aurora won't stop until each hurtful truth is revealed. But nothing can prepare her for the answers that prove her entire existence has been built on a lie. Will the truth set her free?

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Language: English

Keywords: Future Australia scifi young adult dystopia ya, Teenage girl teen post apocalyptic apocalypse book, Strong female lead novel scifi, Coming of age, StorytellerUK2017 futuristic sci-fi, Dystopian, Science Fiction floating cities utopian future

Word Count: 66665

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Sample text:

The screen of the computer tablet resting in front of me switched from a picture of the Earth to blue before a white message appeared across it. ‘History of Earth Lesson complete. Enjoy your evening Utopian.’

Rubbing my eyes, I blinked a few times before looking around the school hall. All five hundred students who’d been sitting inside the massive room stretched and moaned as the silence turned into a loud murmur of voices and shuffling feet. The sounds echoed off the hall’s metal walls and high ceilings lined with metal beams and florescent lights.

After rising from my ergo seat on the floor I slid my tablet into my sling bag. Picking up my seat and tablet table, I added them to the growing pile at the side of the building with the rest of the students. Pain shot through my shoulder as Jessica, a younger student with long brown hair, was pushed into my side.

“Sorry,” she said, shrinking away from me.

“It’s fine,” I replied, watching as she added her own chair to the pile.

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