Shadow of the Wolf by Malcolm Archibald

Fantasy Adventure In The Dark Ages Of Scotland

A new power is rising in the Highlands.

Shadow of the wolf

Scotland, 1388. Fergus Scott of Eildon is sent north to investigate reports of an emerging force. After he encounters the ferocious Alistair Mor, Fergus is drawn into battle against enchantment and death, aided by the lovely but quick-tempered Seonaid.

As witches gather to recreate the terrifying Book of Black Earth, and the army of Donald of the Isles marches to confront Alistair, Fergus needs to save both his soul and his country.

Shadow of the Wolf is a fantasy adventure inspired by the story of Alexander Stewart - the Wolf of Badenoch.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 85350

Sales info:

Strong sales record, well-known author.

Sample text:

Otterburn, Northumberland 1388


 “Two orbs, Fergus; two orbs and one will betray you!”

I heard the voice somewhere within my head, but the words were meaningless so I pushed them away.

  “Watch for the moon!” 

  It was dusk in this Northumberland, with a wind that flattened the grass and caused the tree branches to wave a mad hello, but there was no moon yet so I dismissed the warning and concentrated on what my lord, James, Earl of Douglas was saying.

“We’ll camp here.”

I looked at my Lord and suddenly shuddered. Even in the fading light I could see the two birds hovering over him. The black bird of death waited above his left shoulder, its talons extended and the beak opened wide, ready for the screech of welcome. The bright bird of victory was slightly higher, its wings wafting in the air and its eyes warm with promise.  

          “Is that wise, my Lord?” I looked behind us, to the smoking desert we had left behind us. “Earl Percy is following us with eight thousand lances.”

“And here we will meet him,” Douglas said. 

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