Love In The House Of War N/A by Scott A. Meehan

Ron Hawkins is a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces.

Love in the house of war n/a

Ron Hawkins is a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces. Like his father, who served on Delta Force, Ron fights for principle - a cause beyond his personal interest.

But when Ron is sent with his team to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror, he faces a life-changing decision. After he rescues the beautiful Afghan girl, Sarah, from a Taliban execution, Ron finds out that the girl has her own plans of escaping the war-torn land that is keeping her from living her dream.

Love in the House of War is the epic story of America in the 21st Century, told through the lives of a career soldier and his family, spanning the tumultuous war on terror years from Afghanistan to Iraq while facing both the Taliban and ISIS head-on. It is a modern day tale of the life-and-death struggle of physical and spiritual, good versus evil, in today’s dynamic warfare.

Genre: FICTION / War & Military

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

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Word Count: 77376

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On a brisk night in September, 2001, the young girl was cleaning the eating area in back of the traditional Afghan mud-brick home in Golbahar. Above the clattering of pans, her stepfather, Dr. Rajiv, yelled in despair.

“They killed him! He’s dead!”

          Twenty-year-old, Sarah ran through the large visiting area toward the front greeting room just inside the door.  “Who is dead, papa?”

          “Ahmad Shah Masood! He is dead! They killed him! The Taliban killed him!” the thin, gray-haired man answered.

          Sarah did not know what to say. She decided to return to her chores. At five feet nine inches, she stood at least two inches above all her friends.

          “He was our best hope to reunite Afghanistan—The Lion of Panjshir! Now he is dead!” Dr. Rajiv yelled from the front room.

          “Papa, everything will be okay, will it not?”

          “One can hope my dear child, one can hope.”      

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