Apparition Lake (N/A) by Daniel D. Lamoreux, Doug Lamoreux

Something is terribly wrong in the nation's oldest national park.

Apparition lake (n/a)

Something is terribly wrong in the nation's oldest national park.
After gruesome deaths occur in Yellowstone, everyone believes that a monstrous grizzly bear is on a rampage. Scientific evidence suggests another terrifying conclusion. For Chief Ranger Glenn Merrill, putting an end to the mysterious deaths is more than just his job; it is a mission that will take him to the brink of death and shatter the foundation of his beliefs.

Apparition Lake plunges Glenn, his full-blooded Shoshone friend Johnny Two Ravens, and Jennifer Davies, an aggressive young biologist, into a world of Indian mysticism where mankind and nature struggle for control of Mother Earth.

A riveting paranormal thriller, Apparition Lake races through its supernatural tale of an environment that has "had enough" and the Native American spirit it uses to mete out its revenge.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 80750

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More than 150+ 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Paranormal Suspense
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Native American Literature

Sample text:

Above the stark silhouette of jagged mountain peaks, daylight shed its lifeblood in crimson streaks across a deep purple sky. The blue of dusk settled like a blanket over the watchful pines. From within that bed of shadowy forest came the rhythmic echo of booming Shoshone drums; red man's thunder amid a white man's storm.

It was the year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight.

For thirteen years, President Abraham Lincoln lay moldering in his tomb; placed there by a bullet from the gun of John Wilkes Booth. Crazy Horse had ascended to the ranks of his ancestors two years past, having massacred General George Armstrong Custer and two hundred fifty-six of his pony soldiers at the Little Big Horn. The Freemen's Bureau, organized to protect the interests of former slaves, had been in operation for one week. Carl Sandburg was a suckling newborn, Annie Oakley a budding tomboy of eighteen. Judge Roy Bean was four years from becoming “the law west of the Pecos” when he would turn his Vinegaroon, Texas saloon into a part-time courtroom. Geronimo and his warriors would have another eight years to plunder and murder white settlers in Mexico before their surrender. Only twelve years of life remained to a discernible American frontier…

…and there was much pain in the ancient Stinking Country.

The streaks in the sky spread into darker hues of red that spanned the horizon. From within the black void below, another light began to glow. As if fueled by the increasing intensity of the pounding drums, the ceremonial fire climbed toward the heavens fighting back the approaching darkness.

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