Legends of Lemuria by Scott Michael Decker

After the collapse of a vast, ancient empire, four people each acquire a crystal with extraordinary properties.

Legends of lemuria

After the collapse of a vast, ancient empire, four people each acquire a crystal with extraordinary properties.

Casper, Nadika, Jayani and Sharif accidentally unleash the powers of their crystals in search for Lemuria itself - and release the forces that caused the collapse of civilization.

Their minds and futures forever intertwined, the four begin a long journey among the stars to find clues about the mysterious empire and discover its secrets. By doing so, they set forth a chain of events that will shape the future of the whole galaxy, and forever alter the balance of power.

Scott Michael Decker's Legends of Lemuria is a science fiction adventure filled with excitement and ancient myth.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English


Word Count: 129533

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Sample text:

“There's no such place as Lemuria!”

Casper was taken aback by the vehemence in his wife's voice. She acts as if I talk about it all the time, he thought, frowning. He saw the frown on her face and looked away.

“Why can't you talk about getting us off this mudball?”

It was a question she'd asked Casper many times. He sighed and couldn't stop his reply. “But I am talking about us getting out of here. If I can find one of their crystals—”

“You've never seen one of their crystals. No one has! Because they don't exist! You're impossible!” She threw her hands in the air and stormed out of their cube.

Casper looked at the empty doorway, wondering whether to follow her, knowing it never worked and only frustrated her further. There didn't seem to be any way to convince her.

He looked around their meager space. A prison cell on Karata, in the Orion Belt.

Room enough for a double-cot, a toilet-shower combo behind a partition in one corner, a vid fixed to an upper corner, half-obscured by a sheet of glasteel, a rusty sink that smelled of fouled food, a dispensomeal that sloughed them thick porridge three times a day whether they wanted it or not, and a worn blanket to cover themselves when they wanted intimacy, conjugal units twice the size of singles.

Getting a conjugal unit had been half the attraction of marrying her.

And probably half the reason she'd married him.

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