Hunter Hunted (The Eternals Book 2) by Richard M. Ankers

Beneath The Arctic Ice

A world of darkness surrounds Jean and Princess Linka.

Hunter hunted (the eternals book 2)

A world of darkness surrounds Jean and Princess Linka.

The Nordic royalty - albino Eternals of myth - transport their guests deep beneath the Arctic ice, to the legendary city of Hvit.

They are offered sanctuary, but all is not right. Jean's mind is darker than ever, and the world will feel his fury. Renewing old acquaintances, he must solve the mystery of who manipulates him, and the reason behind his parents’ deaths.

Aided by Merryweather and the mysterious Princess Aurora, Jean seeks retribution. Trapped between wolves of land and sea, he now fights for more than just himself: he fights for love.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 75000

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Already translated. Translated by Luisa Ercolano

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