Day of Rain (N/A) by C.A. Hartway

Dr. Malecki Sadeq guards a horrifying secret.

Day of rain (n/a)

Dr. Malecki Sadeq guards a horrifying secret.

Beneath the centuries-old cathedral on the St. James campus lies an evil bound for over five hundred years. Known by many names, Helel’s followers await their chance to reclaim Heaven and bring eternal damnation.

A biblical archaeologist and professor at the university, Dr. Malecki Sadeq is charged with the task of fending off the assault. Yet unknown to all but Malecki, his adopted son Christopher is the seventh messenger born of a virgin, sent to awaken the fallen angels.

Meanwhile, the false prophet emerges and begins to gather disciples.

A provocative and intricately woven tale, Day of Rain offers a terrifying glimpse into the coming end of days.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Futuristic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 59476

Sales info:

Steady sales, up-and-coming author.

Sample text:

High upon the sacred mountain there is one who watches. He kneels at the jutting edge of a jagged cliff, gazing out towards the fiery clouds and the ruddy haze of a timeless sky. Below him, glimmers of lights speckle the vast landscape of the earth. Some merge into bright clusters which betoken the great cities – the kingdoms of this world.

As he searches beyond the horizon, his eyes return reflections of quickening memories woven into what has been, what is, and what shall be. And, with a sudden blinding flash of light, he is shifted through time to the defining moment that would eternally alter the inescapable fate of mankind. So vividly he recalls it all as if it were happening once again.


The sun darkened into a gaping void, and from within it, a burning star broke forth, rejected as a gem no longer worthy of its place among lustrous jewels of the universe. With shattering thunder the tranquility was interrupted as the star entered the atmosphere and plummeted toward the unsuspecting earth. Blazing streams of thick black fumes trailed behind it, marking the path of its perilous journey.

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