Rogue Wolves by James Quinn

He is known as The Master.

Rogue wolves

He is known as The Master. A spy, double agent and freelance assassin, he has been at the top of his game for decades. The Master has worked for Nazis, Communists, intelligence agencies and terrorists alike. No one knows his true identity.

Now, the world’s most secretive assassin has disappeared, and several intelligence networks want him captured, interrogated and "redacted".

Jack Grant, now a contract agent for the French Secret Service, is assigned to track the Master down. Hot on his heels is a deadly and beautiful CIA bounty hunter who's more than capable of hunting down both of them.

But the Master has an agenda of his own, and he's ready to begin a war that will engulf them all.

Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Military

Language: English

Keywords: gone im warrior challenge agent lawyer river metal, wolf series squadron male guns heroes novels cia a, stuff action adventure legacy moon navy hunter in, bounty weapons ghost security operator lethal with, strike files being dead code captain thrill q isle, island apocalypse ice among men of power night on, nikita slayer devils head black war triad tell man

Word Count: 73311

Sample text:

Antigua, Caribbean – September 1965

The diver had spent the past week swimming along the same stretch of the Antiguan coastline.  It was a beautiful stretch; clear waters, perfect vacation brochure beaches, quiet atmosphere.  It was the perfect place to relax and maybe even to retire to. One day…

And why not? he was older now, with the free time and resources to be able to do that.  Maybe he would retire here completely, leave the USA behind once and for all.  Maybe write a novel here?  Be like that Fleming guy and write spy stories.  Well, they did say write what you know about.  Didn’t they?

Richard Higgins had once been one of the CIA’s shining stars –  in fact, he had risen to the lofty heights of Assistant to the Deputy Director of Operations.  He had been a Cold Warrior of the old school. A spy’s spy.

Until the fall….

To him, the fall was born out of duty and the desire to do the right thing.  Some people, he was sure, viewed it as an act of revenge. And while many may have secretly sympathised with him, as professionals, they would cast a disapproving eye.

Richard Higgins lifted his body out of the warm water and looked around at the coastline.  There was nothing for miles, only tranquillity and peace.  The only other ‘neighbour’ was a small sailing boat, bobbing about, anchored a mile away in the distance. It was seemingly empty.

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