Around The World In 80 Meals by Diana Rubino

The Best Of Cruise Ship Cuisine

Around the World in 80 Meals: The Best of Cruise Ship Cuisine weaves gastronomic delights around an exotic seven-day dream fantasy cruise.

Around the world in 80 meals

Around the World in 80 Meals: The Best of Cruise Ship Cuisine weaves gastronomic delights around an exotic seven-day dream fantasy cruise.

Imagine waking up on a different ship in a new port of call every day, and treating your taste buds to a gourmet meal every evening, each carefully prepared by one of the best chefs afloat. This book highlights the most interesting menus and recipes of a diversity of cruise lines, from the luxurious Cunard Line, famed for its opulent ocean liners, to a small but highly exclusive line of yachts that offer the most personalized cruise experience.

You can see daily snapshots of a week of luxury cruising. A chapter for each day briefly introduces each ship, explains where it is located, and gives information about each cruise line and its chefs. The main focus is on the dinner menu, followed by recipes for recreating every delectable morsel in your own kitchen.

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The history of pleasure cruises spans about 50 years, but in the early 20th century, passengers needing to cross the Atlantic travel on the only vessels available, mail ships. With decades of upgrades they became ocean liners, the most famous being Lusitania, Titanic, and the first Queen Mary. Today, the competitiveness of the cruise industry demands that cruise lines top each other with larger, taller, grander luxury ships with amenities found in the most luxurious resorts. Far from being a means to an end, the crowded, treacherous, often dangerous ocean crossing in a mail ship’s hold, cruising today is the ultimate in luxury with staterooms rivaling 5-star hotels and cuisine matching the world’s top restaurants.

The first Transatlantic cruise took place in 1840 on a Cunard mail steamship. These ships crossed the ocean faster than older vessels. Eventually passengers became more demanding of their fare, and amenities included a cow providing fresh milk.

The first vessel built strictly for cruising, a yacht named for Kaiser Wilhelm II's daughter, the Prinzessin Victoria Luise, had her maiden voyage 1900 from Germany to the Mediterranean. She had first class cabins, a library and darkroom. It ran aground six years later.

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