Glorious Incorporated by Steven Neil Moore

The critically acclaimed first book in Steven Neil Moore's Joshua Chronicles.

Glorious incorporated

Determined to leave his troubled past behind, Joshua Arden moves to New York City. When he lands his dream job at Jonah International, he is excited to enable real and lasting change. But behind the scenes, a darker power is at play.

The CEO of a rival corporation has been given orders to track a high-level asset that is the key to winning an unknown war — one to which mankind is oblivious, but has been raging for centuries. Joshua’s life takes a drastic turn as he is thrown into a world full of religious orders, advanced technologies, and long-hidden secrets about his past.

A modern day thriller of the battle between good and evil, Glorious Incorporated is the compelling first book in The Joshua Chronicles.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 135936

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Steady sales

Sample text:

“I can't believe that I'm going to be late for this interview!” Josh was supposed to be looking at the early-morning New York skyline flash by him as he sped across the Queensboro Bridge in a taxi. Instead, he was stuck in traffic just inside the city as he listened to car horns blare out a panicked anthem, much like steers in a herd on their way to a cattle train. There were so many yellow taxis that it seemed impossible to count them all. He looked all around him. There was nothing but a sea of cars and people hustling to an unknown direction. They paid absolutely no attention to anything else around them. In front of him was a car that tried to merge from the left, in a vain attempt to get to the next lane to turn right on Second Avenue. That is where he needed to go as well and was not sure why this guy needed to get there quicker. Cars switched lanes behind him in the hopes that might provide a few more inches to get them to their destinations one second faster. His taxi driver contributed his part to the song of horns as he pushed his way forward. Josh leaned back in the rear seat of the cab, resigned that he was, in fact, late. This is not going to be a favorable impression, he thought. This company is going to fire me before I even begin! He became nervous over the thought. He felt lucky to even be considered for employment with the world economy in unrest.

Jonah International was one of two companies that seemed genuinely interested to speak with him at the campus recruiting event at Carnegie Mellon. He talked with a number of different companies throughout the day but Jonah, and one other, seemed to pick him out of a crowd and warmly invite him back to their tables.

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