Baylee Breaking by Simone Beaudelaire

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Will Chase ever find a woman worth loving?

Baylee breaking

Will Chase ever find a woman worth loving?

After a bitter divorce from his childhood sweetheart, Chase moves halfway across Texas in search of a new start. There he finds Baylee: pretty, fragile, and completely uninterested in Chase - or is she?

Chase soon comes to realize that there is more to the haunted-looking brunette than he could have possibly imagined. Baylee actually makes him want to risk a second chance at love. But will she heal his broken heart, or grind the shards into the Texas dust?


Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Lifestyles / City & Town Life

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 51045

Sales info:

Strong sales record, Amazon bestselling romance author.

Sample text:


“Chase, I hate to tell you this, man, but you're screwed.” Those were the words with which Jordan Miller greeted his best friend and client when he walked into the Greene County courtroom that fateful April morning.

Chase raised one dark eyebrow at his attorney.

“You got the ball buster.”

Chase closed his eyes in disgust. The one judge I most hoped to avoid, the Honorable Brenda McMillan, a radical feminist who seems to live for putting men in their place. No matter the facts in the case, she always managed to find the man in the wrong and rake him over the coals. This was not likely to be an exception.

The two men took their seats at the front of the courtroom. Surely for something as simple as an uncontested divorce, the ball buster would not feel the need to live up to her reputation. Right?

* * *

Three hours later, Chase knew how wrong he'd been. The proceedings had given a new definition to the word ‘screwed’.

“I can't believe she awarded Candace the whole house, both cars and half of my retirement,” he groused as he and Jordan stalked across the parking lot. Instead of getting into his – her car – he meandered to the playground beyond. “What the hell is that about? Candace cheated on me!”

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