Repent at Leisure N/A by Stevie Turner

Sometimes it's better to let old secrets lie.

Repent at leisure n/a

Paul wakes up to find a mysterious woman in his bed. With no memory of how she got there, Cat Taylor worms her way into his life and eventually moves into his flat. This arrangement suits Paul well — until he meets Anita Fairfax.

Soon after, Cat is found dead in Paul’s apartment. Despite little evidence, the police suspect him of murder. Anita stands by her new husband, but doubt creeps in as his behavior becomes increasingly erratic and violent.

Told through alternating perspectives, Repent at Leisure is a masterfully written, engrossing psychological thriller.

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, new adult, psychological, romance, cozy, strange girl, love of his life womens fiction women's literature mystery thriller suspense women sleuth sleuths psychological new adult marriage murder mysteries murderers killer mysterious suspenseful book books novel novels literature literary contemporary modern fast paced realistic lively no fluff tightly written authentic original husband

Word Count: 65151

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Sample text:

Darren must have spiked my bloody drink again; I'll kill the bastard.

I sit up in bed, rub my eyes and give her the once over as I inch back the covers. She's naked and reasonably good-looking, but the blonde hair doesn't quite reach the roots and the face is caked in make-up. I've always liked the natural look, so God knows why I went and picked her. Perhaps I didn't; probably Darren gave her a good time and then lumbered me with her after I'd passed out.

My mouth's as dry as a badger's chuff, and my head is throbbing. I need some coffee. Whoever she is sleeps on as I climb out of bed and slide into some jeans. As I open the bedroom door I can see Darren, fully clothed and dead to the world on the settee. We must have had a fucking ace time of it last night; if only I could remember.

The noise of the kettle brings Darren out of his stupor. As he comes into the kitchen his mullet's awry like he's got a surfboard on his head. Yawning, I reach for two mugs from the cupboard and heap a spoonful of coffee in each. I indicate with a thumb over in the direction of the bedroom.

“Who's the bird?”

Darren hacks up enough tar to fill all the potholes along the M1.

“You're asking me? You're the one who was with her all night.”

“Yeah, but some bastard spiked my drinks.”

My look of venom informs him in no uncertain terms whom I suspect of perpetrating the crime. Darren, innocence personified, shrugs his shoulders, picks up the kettle, and pours boiling water into the mugs.

“Nothin' to do with me, mate.”

“Yeah, and my dick's two foot long.”

“You should be so lucky.” Darren adds coffee to an extra mug. “Here; give her one.”

“I already did, didn't I?” I sigh.

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