A Wild Rough Lot by Malcolm Archibald

Whaling And Sealing From The Moray Firth

A compelling introduction to the whaling and sealing industry in Northeast Scotland’s Moray Firth, Malcolm Archibald’s A Wild Rough Lot will guide you through the trade’s history, dangers and successes.

A wild rough lot

Beginning with a brief look at the geography and maritime history of Northeast Scotland’s ports, the book introduces the Scottish whaling industry through contemporary journals and log books. Laden with illuminating examples, the book covers topics from the stages of a typical whaling voyage to the brutal, often bloody process of the sealing industry.

In-depth details of the trade in Moray Firth concentrate on the successes of specific ports and ships in the area, including the short-lived whaling industry in Nairn, the prosperous trade and insurance case of Banff, the fortunes and dangers of the Arctic and prominent ship Felix, and a yearly account of the whaling and sealing trade in the most successful port, Fraserburgh. 

Beyond a glimpse into the industry, the book provides useful details of the vessels and an 1859 crew list useful for those seeking a chance to trace their family roots in the maritime industry.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Marine Life

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