The Ghost Illusion by Kerry Watts

The savage murders of four mothers are an echo of a nightmare witnessed by a horrified city.

The ghost illusion

The savage murders of four mothers are an echo of a nightmare witnessed by a horrified city. Meanwhile, Julian Brody - dubbed by the press as The Mummy Ripper - dies in prison twenty years after his violent slaying of four mothers in the 1990’s.

D.I. Ruby Delpierro and Dr. Carl Flescher team up to catch the copycat killer before any more innocent women are slain. But is there something more to the case?

With their professional relationship put to the test, Carl will have to deal with his past to help Ruby stop the bloodshed, and confront the killer's shocking true identity.

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: british murder mysteries by british authors, serial killers fiction, police procedural female detective, savage secrets, copycat killing, killer on the road, the mummy case

Word Count: 54225

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Sample text:

Sadie McArthur was not  long for this world. The rise and fall of her bird-like chest had slowed considerably in the past hour. The clock above her bed read two thirty-five am and ticked loudly against the silence, broken only by her rasping breath . Bradley Lawson sat on the chair next to her bed just as he promised he would, even though his shift had ended four hours earlier. He held her hand tightly, taking the place of  Sadie's son, Michael. Not that she would recognise him if he did turn up; he hadn't been near the nursing home in over two years and his mother's grip on reality had slipped slowly away in  that time. But she knew Bradley. He was her angel. He was her friend. At twenty one, Bradley had the compassion of a man twice his years, which made him the perfect nurse. He was just the  man to hear  your last . His tragic past and traumatic childhood didn't stop his love for people. Bradley Lawson was determined to succeed, and determined to put it all away in the box marked 'horror' until he was able to throw it in the trash permanently.

Soon after Sadie's chest stopped moving, her room door creaked open and Bradley turned to see Charge Nurse Lucy Black smiling softly at him. The nurse never spoke,  but instead  raised her eyebrows in search of an update on Sadie's condition. Bradley closed his eyes and nodded.

“She's gone.”

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