Red Light in the Pyrenees by Elly Grant

Take a respected female cop, add two drops of violent death, some ladies of the night, and a bucket full of blood

Red light in the pyrenees

Take a respected female cop
Add two drops of violent death
Some ladies of the night
And a bucket full of blood

Place all in a small French spa town
Stir with money and greed
Until all becomes clear
The result will be satisfying

In the third novel in Elly Grant's Death in the Pyrenees series, you get an insight into the workings and atmosphere of a small French town in the Eastern Pyrenees.

After the sudden, violent death of a local Madam brings fear to her working girls, police officer Danielle gets on the case, determined to find the killer.

But is there a silver lining to every cloud? Find out, and hold your breath... it’s a bumpy ride.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Traditional British

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

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Word Count: 61505

Sales info:

Steady sales, third book in a series.

Sample text:

The body of Madame Henriette is lying through the broken window of the kitchen door, with the lower part of the frame supporting her lifeless corpse.  Her head, shoulder and one arm hang outside, while the rest of her remains inside, as if she has endeavoured to fly, Superman style, through the window and become stuck.  She is slumped, slightly bent at the knees, but with both feet still touching the floor.  Her body is surrounded by jagged shards of broken glass. 

From the kitchen, this is all one sees.  It isn’t until you open the window to the side of the door and look through it, that you see the blood.  Indeed, quite a large area of the tiny courtyard has been spattered with gore as Madame Henriette’s life pumped out of her.  One shard sliced through her throat and by the amount of blood around the body, it seems to have severed her jugular.  She must have been rendered unconscious almost immediately as she made no effort to lift herself off the dagger-like pieces of glass sticking out from the frame. 

There is blood on the pot plants and on the flowering creeper which grows up the wall, dividing this house from the neighbour’s.  It’s also sprayed the small, hand crafted, wrought iron table and chairs.  The blood is beginning to turn black in the morning sun and there’s a sizeable puddle congealing on the ground beneath the body.  This will need to be spread with sawdust when the clean up begins, I think to myself.

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