Coming Darkness by Susan-Alia Terry

An archangel in exile. A powerful race of vengeful creatures. A conflict of world-ending proportions.

Coming darkness

An archangel in exile. A powerful race of vengeful creatures. A conflict of world-ending proportions.

Archangel Lucifer's spoiled life comes to a halt as he learns that Heaven is empty, and his Father missing. Seeking answers, he’s brought face to face with a race of Creator-Gods unhappy with his Father and the world He created. Planning to wipe out this heresy and letting Darkness reclaim the earth, they imprison Lucifer in Hell.

Meanwhile, the Archangel's lover sets out to prove his opponents wrong. But Lucifer’s influence runs deeper in Kai than he suspected, and the fear that he’s merely Lucifer’s pet becomes all too real.

Coming Darkness is the first book in Susan-Alia Terry's paranormal fantasy series.

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 87769

Sales info:

Strong sales, genre-breaking novel from an emerging author.

Sample text:

“You’re not wearing that.”

Suppressing a sigh, Kai looked down and watched his clothes change. Instead of black slacks, shirt and boots, he was now attired in tailored tan and cream—with loafers. He hated loafers. He turned, waiting for his lover to enter the foyer.

Lucifer, white hair unbound and loose around his shoulders, with a recently acquired black cat in his arms, entered the foyer and fixed critical silver eyes on him. For someone who always wore shades of white—and who knew there were so many?—Lucifer had a lot to say about what he wore. In fact, Lucifer dressed him with such dedicated fervor that anyone less sympathetic—and Kai was very sympathetic—would call him obsessed. It was why Kai had been trying to sneak out of the house before Lucifer caught sight of him. 

“Come on, Luc, that’s not practical, and you know it,” said Te, joining them in the foyer and changing Kai back into his original clothes. “How you expect him to do reconnaissance and retrieval in loafers and kakis, I’ll never understand.”

“Thank you,” Kai said to him, smiling.

“I live with Philistines,” Lucifer said with a mock sneer. “The least you could do is wear silk.” Kai was now wearing a black, raw silk shirt and refused to admit he liked the way it felt.

“Are you both done?” he asked, trying for exasperated but only succeeding at fond acceptance. 

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