21st Century Security Officer - Career Guide by D.W. Roach

No matter if you are a seasoned security officer or new to the Private Security Industry, this book is for you.

21st century security officer - career guide

No matter if you are a seasoned security officer or new to the Private Security Industry, this book is for you. Quickly learn the basics needed to succeed, get noticed, and promote to put you on the path to Security Professionalism.


"Having worked as a security officer and in various positions within the industry for many years, this book is highly recommended."

"As a watchman in a security company, I can say it's pretty good stuff."

"Useful guide for any security professional in the industry."

Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / General

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Language: English

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Sample text:

After spending nearly thirteen years in the Private Security Industry I felt it only proper to pass along some very blunt and earnest knowledge that I have gathered over the years. As a Security Officer you will become the front line of what is slowly becoming the standard of protection. Through the recession and other challenges facing government organizations, Law Enforcement agencies are struggling to meet the high demand placed upon them. Simply put, the cost of Police Officers and their pensions (although greatly deserved) are simply too expensive to be maintained by governments that could not balance the budget. Simply put, there are just not enough Police Officers on the streets to maintain the quality of life Americans are looking for; this is where Security Officers come into play.

With Private Security now filling that gap it is critical for all Security Officers to have a basic understanding of the industry, its challenges, and where they fit in the big picture (and I do mean BIG PICTURE). During my writing you may often find a silly light hearted tone, this is not meant to discourage you but to press upon you the challenges facing this industry. It is very possible to have a successful career as a Security Professional (I have and still do!) however it will take great amounts of dedication, understanding, humility, and a sense of humor to cope with the daily stresses.

As a former Security Officer I have nothing but respect and admiration for those that wake up every morning and put on that uniform to perform a variety of duties. Every day they save lives and perform small miracles that often go unnoticed by society. They protect our families at work; keep us from harm while we enjoy shopping at the mall and even respond to citizens in distress when off duty.

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