Divorcees.biz by Eileen Thornton

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Four divorced friends and a dating agency. What could go wrong?


Four divorced friends and a dating agency. What could go wrong?

When Connie, Jenny, Lucy and Sadie meet up for drinks, all they can talk about is their failed love life. After more drinks than might be good for them, they come up with the brilliant idea of opening their own online dating agency. Despite the arguments and differences between the thirty-something, divorced women, Divorcees.biz is soon launched at one of London’s most prestigious hotels.

Will this be the answer to their problems, or the beginning of a whole lot more? And at the end of the day, will any one of the four ladies find the man of their dreams?

If you enjoy quirky contemporary romance, you will love Eileen Thornton's Divorcees.biz - a romantic comedy full of witty humor and drama.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Humorous

Language: English

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Word Count: 92385

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“I hope we're going to have enough food.”

Connie swept into the large banqueting hall of London's prestigious Royale Hotel, clutching an elaborately decorated cake towering high above her head. If she held her arms any lower, she would trip over the flounced hem of her long dress.

“What're you talking about?” Lucy gestured towards the table. “We've mountains of food. I think you're forgetting we only have five people on our books; the four of us, who set up the whole thing in the first place plus my elderly aunt and she only joined for a laugh.”

“Yes, I know all that,” Connie huffed. “But don't you see, this is what the launch is all about – getting more people to join and…” Unfortunately at that point, she trod on the hem of her dress and stumbled forward. The cake wobbled dangerously in her outstretched arms while she fought to regain her balance.

Seeing what was happening, Lucy rushed forward and managed to grab the cake before it crashed to the floor. “For goodness sake, your dress is far too long. Haven't you something else you can wear?”

“No!” Connie replied. She hitched up her dress. “Well – not with me, anyway. Besides, I paid a fortune for this creation and I'm going to wear it if it kills me.”

The midnight-blue dress, with its sequined bodice had looked gorgeous draped on the model in the shop window. She knew it would accentuate her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes perfectly. It was a dress to die for. She simply had to have it, no matter what it cost. But Connie hadn't taken into account that the display model was several inches taller than she was.

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