High Plains Promise by Creativia Publishing

A Steamy Western Historical Romance

When promises fail and danger looms, can love protect you?

High plains promise

When promises fail and danger looms, can love protect you?

Garden City, Kansas, 1888. Unlucky in love, the Spencer sisters Allison and Rebecca have resigned themselves to a spinster lifestyle, replacing their thwarted romances with work, family and friends. But Cupid is not finished with them, and new chances for love are right around the corner.

However, danger also lies in wait for the sisters. A band of murderous train robbers has threatened deadly vengeance on the whole town, and a more personal threat stalks one of the sisters, intent on her destruction.

This is a standalone, steamy romance and includes explicit sex scenes.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Western

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Westerns

Language: English

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Word Count: 57347

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Strong sales record, bestselling series.

Sample text:

“Wesley, wait for me,” nine-year-old Allison Spencer whined, as she chased her best friend, panting, through the backyard.

“Nope, hurry up, Allie. You’re such a girl,” Wesley replied, stopping long enough for her almost to catch up before he sped off again.

“It’s not fair,” she wailed, tossing a sweaty strand of golden hair out of her face. “You don’t have to wear a skirt!”

“Allison!” The girl’s older sister, nineteen-year-old Rebecca, called from the back porch of their spacious white two-story home.

Allison stopped in her tracks. So did Wesley. They both knew it was best to accept a summons from Becky. If Allison’s mother had to come out and make the request herself, woe to any in range. Mrs. Spencer did not appreciate having to ask twice.

“Wesley’s mother is here. He needs to go. And Ma says you need a bath before church tomorrow.”

Wesley giggled as Allison’s face flamed. Sensing his momentary distraction, she pounced, tackling her best friend directly into a mud puddle, which had accumulated in the backyard, beside the rosebushes.

“Allie!” Now it was Wesley who was whining. Thick, sticky green mud oozed up under his arms and between his legs, staining his already messy play clothes.

“Now who needs a bath, stinky?” Allison teased.

“Don’t call me stinky!” Wesley howled. He shoved, knocking Allison off his chest so that she fell into the mud herself. They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

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