Our Land of Palestine by Malcolm Archibald

It's the year 1915, and the British and Ottoman Empires are locked in a deadly struggle in the Middle East.

Our land of palestine

In 1915, the British and Ottoman Empires are at war. Major Andrew Selkirk has been tasked with keeping the Ottomans out of the Suez Canal, but the true nature of his assignment is to retrieve a Bengali spy working on behalf of those who vow to see British rule out of India.

Upon landing in the west coast of Palestine, the Major discovers the Ottomans have taken the spy captive. Even more troubling are the plans by both the Ottomans and Germans to draw Afghanistan and Persia into the war against Great Britain. Selkirk is soon entangled in a dangerous struggle for power.

Set against a strife-torn landscape, Our Land of Palestine is an engrossing historical thriller that demands attention up to its stunning conclusion.

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / War & Military

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 83219

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Strong sales record, well-known author.

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Gully Ravine, Gallipoli

28 June 1915

It was hot. Major Andrew Selkirk smoothed a hand over his forehead and ducked as the movement brought an instant response from a Turkish sniper. The bullet smacked into the sandbag behind his head so a small trickle of sand eased out.

  ‘I thought our artillery would keep Jacko’s heads down,’ Lieutenant Elliot sounded nervous.

  Selkirk looked at him. ‘It seems that Jacko Turk has other ideas.’ 

   The British guns fired non-stop, pounding the Turkish positions on either side of the ridge. Dust, smoke and the stink of lyddite filled the air. Selkirk narrowed his eyes at the evil orange petals of explosions and the occasional chunk of rock thrown high above the ground.

   ‘There shouldn’t be anything left after that,’ Elliot sounded impressed. ‘And look!’ He gestured out to the calm waters of the Mediterranean where the ships of the Royal Navy were giving support. Every few moments the lean grey vessels were obscured by smoke as they unleashed a broadside. The rip of heavy artillery overhead should have been reassuring, but Selkirk doubted that it was effective. He had been in too many battles to expect everything to go well. 

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