The Convenience of Lies by K.A. Castillo

Will one lie too many ruin it all?

The convenience of lies

Will one lie too many ruin it all?

Always unpopular and a misfit, Mackenzie Fairbanks finally gets a chance to start over when she moves to a new town. But she doesn't become the wildly popular new girl she hoped to be. Finding an unlikely friend in a Russian girl, Kira, they quickly become best friends. When Kira goes to Russia for a holiday, Mackenzie vows to finally get the bad boy, Ramon, to notice her. And he does. As the sparks begin to fly and Mackenzie finds her place, Kira's return from vacation brings about new challenges for the girls.

Suddenly, Kira and Mackenzie are catapulted into a mystery involving several acts of vandalism - acts that could get them all in trouble. Mackenzie knows one thing is for certain; the culprit is closer than she ever imagined. Now, it's up to Mackenzie to decide what's more important: her friend or her heart. Can she find the truth within the lies without losing everything she ever wanted?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 65582

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Steady sales

Sample text:

I feel a tear squeeze out of my eye, and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I double over and nearly fall on my face. But then, our hands brush together. I feel a jolt go through my whole body. I have to stop and gasp for air. I wonder if she is thinking the same thing I am. Does she want to hold my hand? Would she feel comfortable doing that? Do I want to hold her hand? My mind starts to feel like scrambled eggs. Our hands brush together again, and this time we clasp each other. My heart skips a beat, and my face starts burning red. I think my heart has just sped up. This is my first time ever holding a girl's hand. Are people going to think we are lesbians? I feel my eyes start to dart around, looking at the faces of everyone near us. Everyone is distracted, nobody seems to notice us. I feel my mind start to settle. Suddenly, I realize there's a new skip in my step. Kira has never ceased to make me feel appreciated and wanted, I realize, as I remember back to when I first met her….


We met on the first day of school, at Verdad High. My family had just moved from my home town to the city of Verdad. I couldn't wait for the new school year to start because I had been wandering around at home all summer with no friends to see or hang out with, and no driver's license, so no way to get out and explore this new city. I couldn't wait to finally interact with other people my age, aside from my sister. In my home town, I had been bullied more than I would like to remember, and so I saw this move as a fresh start. I also knew that first impressions are the most important, so I knew I needed to act open to meeting new people, and I had been preparing myself to act as friendly as possible. I was clinging onto the idea that my life would finally make the turnaround I had always wanted. The first day of school was going to weigh heavily on my happiness for the rest of my high school experience.

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