A Rather Unusual Romance (N/A) by Stevie Turner

Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world falling apart when she's diagnosed with cancer.

A rather unusual romance (n/a)

Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world falling apart when she's diagnosed with cancer. Not too far away somebody else, Alan Beaumont, is also suffering a similar fate.

Their paths slowly come together in this inspiring tale, which is partially based on actual events, and shows how love can flourish in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 51770

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Steady sales

Sample text:

“Can you tell me where I have to wait for the next train to New Cross please?”

The little old lady stood at the reception counter dishevelled and distressed. Erin Mason sighed, and stood up for the fifth time in as many minutes.

“Come on Rosie, I'll show you.”

Taking hold of the gnarled fingers on Rosie's left hand, Erin slowly led the elderly woman back to her bed again.

“Here's where you wait.” She cleared a few toast crumbs from the bedside armchair, and manoeuvred stiff and unyielding bones into a seated position. “The train will be along in a minute.”

“What train? I don't want to get on a train.”

“Well, just sit here in the waiting room then, and have a bit of a rest.”

On her way out of bay 3 she let a silent expletive escape from her lips at the irritating sight of a junior doctor now sitting at her desk, using her computer, and blatantly ignoring the phone that was ringing incessantly. Erin spoke into the receiver as she stood menacingly over the doctor, who purposely ignored her presence.

“Somerset ward. Can I help you? This is the ward clerk.”

“When's Walter's funeral?”


“Walter Tricker, poor old sod. Someone told me he'd snuffed it.”

“Well, whoever told you was wrong. I can see him sitting up in bed. He's eating his breakfast at the moment.” Erin reluctantly ceased burning a hole in the junior doctor's back, and shifted her gaze towards bay 4 for confirmation. Walter had finished his porridge and was washing it down noisily with great slurps of tea.

“You've made my day! Cheers, darlin'!” The phone went dead.

Erin sighed with annoyance at the caller's patronising tone, at the junior doctor, and at life in general.

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