All Saints: Murder on the Mersey by Brian L. Porter

Murder On The Mersey

What is the link between bloody graveyard murders, a former mental asylum, a young girl’s suicide and an enigmatic priest?

All saints: murder on the mersey

What is the link between bloody graveyard murders, a former mental asylum, a young girl’s suicide and an enigmatic priest?

The Liverpool murder investigation unit runs into a series of horrific murders, which begins as the horribly mutilated body of Matthew Remington is found in the graveyard of St. Matthew’s Church. Soon after, the body of Mark Proctor is found similarly dispatched in St. Mark's churchyard.

Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake must lead their team in a race against time to prevent further atrocities, but what links the dead men with an old mental hospital, now an orphanage, and the scarcely reported suicide of a teenage girl?

Somehow, all clues seem to point towards the enigmatic priest, Father Gerald Byrne, who has recently returned to the city of his birth. Can it be possible that the events that took place thirty years ago in Speke Hill Orphanage are connected to the murders?

All Saints, Murder on the Mersey is the second book in Brian L. Porter’s Mersey Mystery series.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Traditional British

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

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Word Count: 106159

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Strong sales record, bestselling author.

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Strictly speaking, Speke Hill Orphanage was something of a conundrum. First of all, it wasn’t in Speke, the area of Liverpool that today is possibly best known as the location of Liverpool’s John Lennon airport. Secondly, there wasn’t a hill in sight, and in point of fact it had never been designed to be used for its current purpose. There probably wasn’t a living soul who could rightly recall how or why the former Mental Asylum had been given its original name other than those who assumed it was perhaps an attempt to give the old place a touch of the grandiose with a name bearing a similarity to Speke Hall, the Tudor mansion once owned by the wealthy Norris family, and now in the care of The National Trust, a few miles away. Though, bearing in mind the ‘clientele’ of the old asylum, it would have been debatable whether any of the inmates would have appreciated the pleasant rural-sounding name of their place of incarceration. 

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