The Prince's Doom (Star-Cross'd Book 4) by Next Chapter

Verona has won its war with Padua, but lost its war with the stars.

The prince's doom (star-cross'd book 4)

Heartbroken, the young prodigy Cesco turns his troubled brilliance to darker purposes, embracing a riotous lifestyle in order to challenge the lord of Verona, the Church, and the stars themselves.

Trying desperately to salvage what's left of Cesco’s spirit, Pietro Alaghieri hopes the plots and intrigues of the Veronese court will shake the young man out of his downward spiral. But when the first body falls, it becomes clear that this new game is deadly, one that will doom them all.

Born from Shakespeare's Italian plays, The Prince's Doom explores the danger, deceit, and deviltry of early Renaissance Italy. Filled with swashbuckling adventure, unrequited love, and brutal treachery, this epic journey recalls the best of Bernard Cornwell, Sharon Kay Penman, and Dorothy Dunnett.


'For anyone who has yet to read David's novels, you are about to hit the literary lottery. Yes, he's that good.' --Sharon Kay Penman, The Sunne In Splendour

'David Blixt is a master of historical fiction. Dramatic, vivid, superbly researched, this series captures Renaissance Italy in all its heady glamour and lethal intrigue.' --C.W. Gortner, The Tudor Conspiracy

'This is one of the most exciting, and satisfying, reads that I have immersed myself in for a long time. David Blixt is a gem of a writer.' --Helen Hollick, The Pendragon Chronicles

Genre: FICTION / War & Military

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Historical / Renaissance

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 75000

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