Electric Gardens N/A by M. Black

After several world catastrophes, robots called 'Tins' have come to power.

Electric gardens n/a

After several world catastrophes, robots called 'Tins' have come to power.

Lexi019 knows them well. She's lived inside of a Compound ruled by Tins for the past twelve years, and maintains a strict schedule. After attending Electric Gardens classes, she learns that she will transferred, as all seventeen-year-olds are, to serve the gardens for the rest of her life.

Instead, Lexi defies the Tins and looks for a way out. With her best guy Kyle53 at her side, and a couple of unlikely friends, Lexi eventually finds her way out of the Compound. 

But in the end, can she escape... or like all things in this artificial, post-apocalyptic world, be stuck under the Tins' power forever?

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: post apocalyptic fiction, robot uprising novels, dystopian future with ai, artifcial intelligence and robotics, superior robot race rules the planet, tin men fiction, technological novels

Word Count: 70237

Sales info:

Strong sales record, emerging author.

Sample text:

EVERYTHING OUTSIDE IS PITCH black. Night always is. All I hear is the deafening sound of a hard clank, like metal scraping, with every step the creature takes, followed by a pounding into the ground. Red eyes like the sun and shaped like an overgrown Siamese cat named Lotus1; but it’s not a cat. It doesn’t even have fur. It’s another Tin, just like all the other metal monsters in here, designed to keep us in submission, and compliant. At eight feet long and two feet wide, its paws and claws are something to be reckoned with—if we disobey. None of the ‘human’ Tins have skin; they are all just hard metal, and none have a gender either. If they did have faux skin, they couldn’t fool anyone anyway, because their blood-colored eyes do not hold the human story. 

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The book is available for translation into any language.

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