Symbiosis by R.S. Penney

Ten thousand years ago, a powerful alien race called the Overseers scattered primitive humans across the galaxy.


Ten thousand years ago, a powerful alien race called the Overseers scattered primitive humans across the galaxy.

Anna Lenai is a young Justice Keeper on a mission to recover an alien life form that has been brought to Earth against its will. While pursuing the felon into uncharted regions of space, she stumbles across Earth and finds the lost homeworld of her ancestors.

Together with Jack Hunter, a young man with dreams of doing something meaningful with his life, she will have to adapt to a strange environment and uncover a conspiracy that could shake their world to its foundations.

Symbiosis is a thought-provoking, action-packed science fiction adventure.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

Language: English


Word Count: 111508

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Steady sales

Sample text:

(Western Kenya, April 6, 1954)

The sun was a crimson sphere on the Western horizon, painting the sky a mosaic of colours, amber fading to red, then purple and blue. Stalks of tall grass swayed in the wind that swept across the field.

A small ridge overlooked a dig site where men in straw hats laboured with shovels in the oppressive heat. They would not be pleased to be pushed so hard, but there was no getting around it. Either they returned home with something of value or Cambridge would not fund another excavation.

Kenneth Barnes stood on the ridge.

A tall man in beige pants and a white shirt that was plastered to his back with sweat, he scrubbed a hand through his slick dark hair. “Keep at it, Crawford!” he shouted. “I've got no time for dawdling.”

Chewing on his lip, Kenneth felt his face heat up. He closed his eyes tight. “Idiots, the lot of them,” he muttered, shaking his head. “Utterly useless unless you have a mind to part with money.”

“You're too hard on them.”

He turned.

A young woman stood three feet away with her hands clasped together behind her back. Tall and slender, she wore a black skirt and a white shirt that was somehow free of sweat stains. Her face was a perfect oval, framed by long red hair that spilled over her shoulders to the small of her back. “Do be patient, Dr. Barnes,” she admonished. “I am quite certain this trip will prove fruitful.”

Kenneth felt his lips curl, then bowed his head to her. “You genuinely believe that, do you?” he asked, brow furrowing. “Then perhaps you can articulate the reason for your constant badgering.”

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