Fate of the Fallen by Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis's acclaimed Baiulus series, now available as an omnibus edition.

Fate of the fallen

Darren Lewis's acclaimed Baiulus series, now available as an omnibus edition.

A darkness has woken in the village. Ellie has been thrust onto the path of danger, and the road to the past where answers lie in wait. She alone must stand against the darkness that would consume all, and overcome it.

To accept her fate may lose her everything. To stand against it may cost her everything.

After Ellie receives a dire warning, she returns home with more questions than answers. She will discover her value not only to this new threat, but to a magical device created by the dragons. But their enemy has resources and power beyond reckoning, and will destroy anyone who dares to oppose them.

A fast-paced fantasy adventure, Fate of the Fallen is a wonderful read for all ages.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English


Word Count: 123116

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Steady sales

Sample text:


Ellie drummed her fingers on the edge of the desk as she gave the blank computer screen an evil glare. Summer homework was a thing of evil, but she was determined to get it done on the first day of the holidays. To make it worse, it was supposed to be an essay of all her previous summer holidays and Ellie was in a bit of a quandary. Should she actually use the truth and get into trouble for writing what seemed to be a story?

Ellie slapped her hands onto her thighs.

Right, she thought, let's just write it anyway and get this in some kind of order, from the beginning. Ellie swiveled back to the computer screen and the blinking cursor on the empty white page. Her hands went to work.

Four years ago, I met some wonderful creatures. Talking rabbits! And not only that, they were responsible for making our world spin. They were dying out though, the human race hadn't been kind to them and now the world was spinning slower and slower each day. Quite by accident, I stumbled across them and met Rox, their leader, Cast, her father and magician and Plume…well, Plume is Rox's protector and very grumpy. I offered my help and was changed into a rabbit! What a wonderful feeling; even now I can remember how the world was so different with those senses. After a pretty scary chase with a fox, we went to the warren where Rox and Plume convinced the others to let Rox use their magic and find the source of their power, and yours truly was invited along.

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