Nocturne by Lorelei Bell

Beyond the Black Veil, vampires outnumber humans ten to one.


When Sabrina's cousin Lindee goes missing, she fears that vampires are at the root of things... and soon finds out it is much worse. Beyond the Black Veil, vampires outnumber humans ten to one, and people are merely blood donors and objects of the vampires' sexual desires.

It is here where Sabrina encounters Drakulya the Impaler, who has managed to not only become a vampire, but lives in this strange world and rules as king.

With the Dagger of Delphi, Sabrina will face the Dreadfuls - merciless stalkers and killers. With her is the stone that holds the spirit of Dante Badheart, and more mysteries surround this magical artifact as well.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: vampire artifacts power beyond black veil dante, werewolf blood donors fangs sexual desires, psychic dracula impaler king drakulya badheart, black veil merciless stalkers vampires drakulya, dracula romance paranormal supernatural urban, stalker mysteries fantasy psychic telepaths, urban magical fantasy mind control powers psionic

Word Count: 114599

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Strong sales record, ongoing series.

Sample text:

A sudden hot flash blazed through me. Maybe standing next to Vasyl in a small hall getting married might have something to do with it.

Although the ordained minister, Paul Kostova, wore no priestly robes, he had donned a very nice dark suit with a dark tie and white shirt. No crucifix hung from his neck—which would have been a big faux pas in this crowd. He had thinning brown hair, a long face that might have seen thirty-something years. Black-rimmed glasses perched on his long nose as he read from The Vampire's Creed, and daubed his brow repeatedly. I have to admit the guy had guts to stand up in front of a room full of vampires and werewolves. You wouldn't know the man had done twenty similar marriages by the way his brow beaded sweat, but that's what he had told me when I found him on the Internet. Luckily, his home base, Rockford, was a mere forty-five minutes from my hometown, Moonlight.

In the state of Illinois, once this ceremony came to a close, our marriage would be considered legal and binding. It would also count in the vampire world, and that was all that mattered at this level of my weird life, which seemed to be taking a carnival ride to Hell as of late.

Vasyl and I had both taken a blood test to confirm that no relationship existed between us. Not that I was worried about it.

Marriage? Me? No one ever asked me before Vasyl did a few weeks ago. Vasyl had never been married, although he's lived over one thousand years as a vampire. But then, he had been a priest in his human life. However, I had a feeling in his vampire life he was no saint, because no one can kiss like him and be a virgin.

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