The Death Mask by Tom Raimbault

Amber has a simple wish; to meet her soulmate, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

The death mask

Amber has a simple wish; to meet her soulmate, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

Luckily, she has a special gift which makes everything she wishes for come true. But this gift is tagged with a price. What seems to be a dream come true for Amber and her newfound love Michael, begins to morph into a nightmare of obsession and betrayal. A mystical relic gives Michael and his daughter supernatural powers, tormenting Amber through their marriage.

Will Amber’s happily ever after come true, or will the family be claimed by the Death Mask?

The first novel in The Mapleview Series, Tom Raimbault's The Death Mask is a suspenseful, supernatural mystery.

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Language: English


Word Count: 63063

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Steady sales

Sample text:

Distanced by 10.6 miles of a rural highway named Route 4, Sillmac has long been a neighboring community of the charming town of Mapleview. Mapleview was established in the 1830s, but it wasn't until 1872, precisely, that the town of Sillmac established itself. As originally described in The Tree Goddess, Sillmac is similar to Mapleview as it has its share of restaurants, shops and even small museums for the town's yearly tourists. But Sillmac is considered a prestigious area in comparison to Mapleview. Taxes are higher, housing with no set price. Whatever you ask for your home; it will definitely sell as no one can set a price on Sillmac.

The historical residences and places of business have been renovated to eliminate any appearance of decay and maintain that 1870s charm. And just like Mapleview, the town is surrounded by thick, forested wilderness. Many of the preserves have been improved to the point of qualifying as botanical gardens with paved, nature trails outlined in beautiful flowers; countless ponds with lily pads and meditational gardens at the center of flowing creeks.

Make no mistake about it; Sillmac is a town where the elite few reside. And it isn't uncommon for those with happy stories of success and extreme wealth to live in Sillmac. Take for example married couple, Michael and Linsey, and their daughter, Paulette. Michael was founder of the now nationwide chain of hardware stores called Dickly's Hardware. Merely opening his first hardware store in downtown Mapleview, Dickly's hardware soon grew at an exponential rate which rewarded Michael the ability to purchase and own an enormous region of wilderness at the outskirt of Sillmac. In that region of wilderness; he had an enormous, castle-like mansion built for him, his wife and daughter to live in. The very center of the estate is what could be described as a miniature, forested mountain with that castle-like mansion sitting buried under thick trees.

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