Finding Beautiful by Amanda Kaitlyn

I was damaged. Broken. I had given up on men. When I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was drawn to him instantly.

Finding beautiful

I was damaged. Broken. I had given up on men. When I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was drawn to him instantly.

He was electric. He was undeniably attractive. But worst of all? He wanted me. I knew I was in trouble. But somehow, I trusted him.

“Breathe, Aria. Christ, please, just breathe for me.” Gavin came into my life like a hurricane, turning my world on its head. I didn’t want to fall for him, but it was inevitable. From the moment we met, he claimed my heart. I knew he would do whatever it took to protect it.

When the shadows I fought so hard to escape threatened to tear us apart, could the love we had found be enough to persevere... or would our fight be in vain?

"I'm going to give you the world, beautiful. This is only the beginning."

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

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Word Count: 101767

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Amazon bestselling novel.

Sample text:

“Aria, look,” Farrah whispered from our adjoined desks, as we sat towards the back of Mr. Nelson’s history class. Her hazel eyes zeroed in on someone across the room, her slim eyebrows raised and her eyes wide with curiosity.

“What?” I whispered, peering down at my notebook filled with the lecture notes I needed to memorize by next class. My overly excited best friend kept nudging me, even as I tried in vain to ignore my curiosity at who caught her eye. The last guy I would be interested in was some jock that Farrah had her sights set on, but hell, I was curious. Aggravated, I turned to where she tilted her head, only to gasp when a pair of chocolate brown eyes collided with mine from three desks over.

I was right. He was a jock. A LAKERS cap was drawn low on his head and three girls surrounded him, wanting his attention while he had his sights set on me. He wasn’t staring, at least not in that way boys looked at you with only one thing in mind. He was just looking at me. With curiosity. With wonder.

I knew who he was, practically everyone at Beaumont High did, Bryce Williams, a senior. He was the quarterback on our football team. Chocolate-brown eyes, tousled black hair, and a muscular frame—he was any girl’s dream.

And he was looking at me? No way. My cheeks flamed red at the thought. I hastily turned my head to see if there was someone behind me, but there was no one. Oh goodness, it was me. Why the hell would he be looking at me?

“He’s looking at you!” my best friend gushed as I turned to see her biting her thumb in excitement.

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