Dream Lover & Other Tales by RjCook

Glint: A young man commits a murderous deed and has to flee back home. His only choice is to hitchhike the entire way, but fate has other plans for him.

Dream lover & other tales

Dream, Lover: When Adam Hacker stays overnight at a manor in a quest for the supernatural, history and the paranormal blend in unexpected ways.

Ben Franklin's Dream: In his waning years, Ben Franklin participates in his country's flagstaff event: the Constitutional Convention. However, due to his advanced years he frequently falls asleep in his chair. As he sleeps, he dreams and relives the high points of his extraordinary life as he remembers them, not exactly as history recorded them.

The Mayor's Cow: Joanie and her brother James live with their mother. One thing they enjoy doing together is a Sunday drive through the wooded foothills of northern New Jersey. On this particular Sunday, with James at home and her Aunt Mary aboard, they encounter a stray animal that creates a memory she will cherish forever.

The Maestro's Gift: Oleg Boriesky is the conductor of the Molshoi Orchestra. For a performance before the Duke, he plans on a rehearsal in the nearby village of Capaldi, which has become a custom in the country. The custom also entails presenting the visiting Maesto with gifts, but Oleg is an old man and has become resentful of the peasants and their meager offerings - until a young boy offers him a gift that reminds him of his love of music.

Tracks in the Snow: A man narrates a memory of his mother and father, and how peculiar quirks of his parents became defining recollections, culminating in a heartbreaking and somber image of his father's final act.

The Messiah of Harriman: Circa 1955, a stranger appears in the forested landscape of New York's Harriman State Park. There are reports of miracles performed by him, witnessed by both park visitors and citizens of the nearby village of Sloatsburg. The local police become involved in the interest the public is showing for the stranger, and seek to question him about his motives and origin. Is he a threat to the public? What they discover is a connection to a cold case thought unsolvable from years before.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Science & Technology

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 75000

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The book is available for translation into any language.

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