Trill by Lorelei Bell

New friends and shocking revelations await Sabrina in Trill, the second book in Lorelei Bell's Sabrina Strong series.


New friends and shocking revelations await Sabrina in Trill, the second book in Lorelei Bell's Sabrina Strong series. After she learns what her role as a sibyl means, her partner Dante puts himself at great risk to discover more of Ilona Tremayne's plot to become an autocrat vampire.

A newcomer, Bill Gannon, is very interested in Sabrina, and while dealing with him she has to help Bjorn Tremayne maintain control of his realm.

But Sabrina's past catches up with her, and she discovers that not everyone is what she thought. Soon, she finds herself on a journey she never thought possible.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Urban Life

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: vampire, werewolf, psychic, fantasy, paranormal, romance, urban, romantic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal fantasy series

Word Count: 139397

Sales info:

Strong sales record in the US.

Sample text:

Cold, hard ground beneath me—it was as though every bone in me had been broken. I tried to remember why I was outside without a stitch on. Plus the taste of blood in my mouth almost made me gag.

I cracked my eyes open. My breath came out in wintry clouds as I strove to pull cold air into my lungs. Above, in the crisp, midnight blue sky, stars glittered coldly, indifferently. Suddenly, I remembered why I was here, naked. I got quite frustrated when I couldn't remember what my activities had been for the last several hours. I didn't see the moon above me, full and bright, as I knew it had been when the transformation began.

“Sabrina?” the voice startled me at first, but I knew who it was and remembered he had been with me.

While assessing my physical and mental well-being, I heard him move. The brittle rustle of month old, machine chewed, corn shocks filled my ears. I was in a field. I knew this, but why was it so hard for my brain to function?

The dark outline of a man hovered over me. He was naked too. It would have startled me otherwise, but I knew it was Dante Badheart—shifter, work mate, and used-to-be-lover—he had joined me on my first night of the change. Earlier he had pulled his black hair back off his face into a thick, long braid.

Memory of those moments before the full moon rose slowly returned to me. We'd braided each other's hair in the darkness while seated on the blanket, before the moon rose over the peak of a slight rise in the park where we waited. He'd said it was advisable.

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