Ghost Song by Mark L'Estrange

The Haunting Of Denby Manor

A family curse can reach across generations.

Ghost song

A family curse can reach across generations.

After bank manager Jonathan Ward inherits an old manor, strange things begin to happen. On his first night at the property, a beautiful young woman appears outside his door, pleading for help. Moments later, she has disappeared.

Strange apparitions and unearthly sounds follow, as does the young woman seeking refuge. Desperate for information, Jonathan turns to the vast knowledge of the town librarian for help.

As the dark history of the manor unfolds, Jonathan begins to realize the full extent of the horror to come. Is it too late to save those dearest to him... and himself?

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

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Word Count: 97633

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Sample text:

Spaulding Hunt stood on his gravel driveway smoking an after-dinner cigar, as was his usual habit. He was very much a man of habit, and always had been. At the age of eighty-four he felt entitled to indulge in whatever took his fancy, without feeling the need to justify his actions to those around him.

In truth, the confirmed bachelor had never allowed the concerns or wants of others to cloud his judgement. He had very much lived his life according to his own code of conduct.

Expelling a huge ring of smoke into the night sky, Spaulding turned at the sound of footsteps behind him.

Mr and Mrs Jarrow climbed down the stone steps which led to the gravel drive, before wishing their landlord and employer a good night.

Spaulding acknowledged their departure with a slight nod of his head and the merest hint of a smile.

The Jarrows had worked for Spaulding in several capacities for over twenty-five years.

Mrs Jarrow acted as house-keeper, cook and cleaner, whilst her husband took on the duties of gardener, handy-man and chauffeur.

They lived in a modest cottage in the grounds of Spaulding’s manor house and even though he charged them a peppercorn rent for their accommodation, the meagre wages he paid them meant that they both had to secure alternative employment on a part-time basis.

Jack Jarrow worked three mornings a week in their local sorting office, whilst his wife covered three afternoon shifts as a barmaid at their local.

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