The Fifth Commandment by Eve Gaal

After Christina breaks the Fifth Commandment, strange things begin to happen - and take her away from home in Normal, Illinois.

The fifth commandment

After Christina breaks the Fifth Commandment, strange things begin to happen - and take her away from home in Normal, Illinois.

Now, she’s back and has to tell them the story within a story, but how can she make them believe? So she had made a mistake - but didn’t all teenagers do the same thing?

The Fifth Commandment is a paranormal memoir entwined with a plot drenching with old-fashioned religious guilt, and short enough to finish in a single sitting - perhaps lounging by the pool or sitting in the garden. The novella follows Christina into a confessional and starts at what we would consider our weakest point.

The point when we first admit our sin.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Fantasy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

Keywords: christian mystery novellas, christian suspense adventure, confessing the faith, sinful novella, god and the afterlife, gods love for us, god christian christianity one true god commandments paranormal memoir religion religious guilt

Word Count: 20346

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Sample text:

A taxi speeds through Rome, Italy and a soprano’s voice wafts from the tinny sounding radio, singing Puccini’s famous aria, ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’. It’s a muggy summer day and groups from all over the world are crowding into Vatican Square. The music surges but the fast driving cab swerves, accidentally crashing into a group of tourists. Though the lyrics,‘mi struggo emi tormento! O Dio, vorrei morir—Babbo, pieta, pieta!’ continues to fill the piazza, it is obvious that something serious and most likely fatal has happened. Toddlers scatter, mothers chase after them and groups of nuns hurry like groups of penguins towards the entrance of St. Peter’s Basilica. Blood drips slowly into the cobblestone crevices, pooling savagely around a designer purse. Women and children are screaming and crying. Heated male voices are yelling in Italian for the crowd to move away from the scene. The sound of an approaching European ambulance blends its annoying wail almost in tempo with the music. Minutes later, we hear the scratchy sound of a television announcer talking about the crash that took the life of a girl from Beverly Hills, California. The police have pulled the driver from the cab and while cuffing him, the dissonance changes to colorful and upbeat music that sounds vaguely like Panamanian calypso. 

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