Sallowed Blood by Stuart G. Yates

In the dark corners of a castle deep in the Bavarian Alps, a secret awaits Daniel Stone.

Sallowed blood

In the dark corners of a castle deep in the Bavarian Alps, a secret awaits Daniel Stone.

After inheriting the castle from his grandmother, Daniel and his father travel to Bavaria. They soon notice a dark presence in the old stronghold; strange animal-like noises are emanating from the depths beneath the castle, and someone, or something, seems to be be following their every move.

After things spiral out of control, Daniel and his father receive unexpected help from an old relative, who tells them of the dark secrets the castle holds. But even with the three of them, will they be able to discover the centuries-old mystery that lie buried, or will darkness claim them all?

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gothic

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 84386

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Strong sales record, author has one Amazon bestseller.

Sample text:

The three men came down from the walled town using the secret path, which the one leading had told the others about only hours before. Blood caked his torn, black habit, and his right arm hung useless, broken at the elbow. His eyes were set straight ahead, in a face grim with pain. The eyes of the lost; empty, resigned to his fate. They had beaten him and he refused to disclose the whereabouts of the treasure, until they threatened him with death. Oblivion. Even his faith was not enough to prevent him from telling them everything they wanted to know. And now, here they all were, the citadel looming over them, the screams echoing across the mountainside. Hell had opened its gates and sucked them all inside.

As the first rain fell, the priest reined in his old nag and waited, chest heaving, every bone and fibre of his body aching. He twisted in his saddle and watched the two knights drawing closer, their faces scowls of contempt. Big, burly men, encased in chainmail, their open helms buckled and rusted where numerous sword blows glanced off the thick metal. Fighting men who had travelled far, fighting and killing their way through southern France, instruments of a jealous French king, intent on crushing the Albigensians and taking from them whatever he could. The Pope would rub his hands in glee and both would be damned.  Did not Jesus say a rich man could not enter the Kingdom of God? So, how could they justify their actions. How could they justify the destruction of a way of life, the countless deaths?

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