Call of the Goddess by Elizabeth N. Love

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In a distant colony forged by ancient settlers, trouble is brewing.

Call of the goddess

In a distant colony forged by ancient settlers, trouble is brewing.

Young psychic Axandra is chosen as the matriarch and ruler of Bona Dea, and as host to the mysterious, powerful entity known only as the Goddess. Trying to protect the people she loves but reluctant to host the Goddess, Axandra struggles with her fate. She soon realizes that she's being used as a pawn between factions, and begins to suspect a plot against her.

But behind the scenes a greater power is at play, and soon the future of the whole colony is at stake. Will Axandra have the strength to protect her people, and will the ministrations of her beloved friend Quinn be powerful enough to save Axandra's fragile soul?

First novel in the Stormflies series, Call of the Goddess is a unique combination of science fiction and romance.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Language: English

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Word Count: 109414

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Chapter One


On the planet Bona Dea, the fourth planet of ten orbiting binary stars in a gravity-driven waltz, the last vestiges of the human race make their home. Thirteen ships traveled to a new world to begin a new way of life free of persecution, free of poverty. They located a temperate planet occupied by a variety of animal species, but devoid of civilization.

Our story begins on the 21st day of the month of Trimont, in the year 307 after the Landing of the generation ships.




Axandra’s brain tickled. She remembered the sensation from two decades ago, when she was a small child. She knew what the feeling meant. The Goddess was coming. The Sliver called to it, I am here! and it followed that call.

Leaving her cottage after giving her lover an excuse that she wanted a short walk, Axandra went to the beach to wait. The sand beneath her bare feet radiated leftover warmth from the day’s sunshine, even though the suns had set more than an hour ago. In the night sky, distant stars blazed. She could see hundreds of thousands of them, each a tiny point of light, an unbelievably small fraction of its true size. Though some nights she tried, she could never hope to count them all in her entire lifetime.

Low upon the horizon in the west, one point of light moved. It seemed to be flying just over the ocean. The closer it came, the less like a star it appeared. The tiny point grew larger, to the size of a firefly, then larger still, the size of a fist. A glow reflected off the water, then the sand. 

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