World War by C.M. Dancha

Winds of war sweep across Europe, threatening to engulf the entire globe.

World war

Winds of war sweep across Europe, threatening to engulf the entire globe. After the cloning company Phoenvartis is taken over by a World Council henchman, he launches an inquisition of torture and murder.

A revolutionary group opposed to the World Council has gained access to the cloning machine, and they plan to revive a madman from the 20th century. Meanwhile, the previously cloned Founding Father and a group of former Phoenvartis employees flee to the central highlands of Vietnam. From their jungle base, they form a coalition of freedom-loving patriots from around the world.

But can the forces of democracy beat fascism - or will evil triumph and release a plague upon mankind?

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Genetic Engineering

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: clone conspiracy republic troopers aliens wars her, attack humans cloning genetic ai superpowers tale, advantage assault apocalypse battlestation builder, building diaries delusion destiny destroyer empire, gene game life novels reborn revolution super with, power series sci fi ship thriller time travel game, warrior machine computer superior intelligence one

Word Count: 98653

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Promising new SF author.

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"Ekstrom, can you hear me?"

The full-body suit laying in the hospital bed groaned something that sounded like "Uh huh".

"Mr. Ekstrom, I'm Jason Milkweed. I'm an investigator with the Medical Examiner's office. I know you're not feeling well but I'd like to ask you a few questions about the blast at the Opulenz apartments last night. Are you able to answer my questions, Mr. Ekstrom?"

Not feeling well? Was this kid joking? Klaus relished some pain in his life occasionally, but this was far beyond masochistic enjoyment. Every damn bone and muscle felt as if it had been removed from his body and beat on a brick wall. And the pulsating heat on his face and across much of his upper body was almost unbearable.

Thank God for the opiate-based numbing gas delivered to his skin by the DACS suit he laid in. The DACS was another brilliant product invented and marketed by Phoenvartis. It was a major leap forward in dealing with burn victims with broken bones and torn muscles who had to remain stationary during convalescence. The computerized suit was an automated, clear polyvision shell. It delivered pain relief, cooling and healing drugs to the skin while prohibiting the patient from moving around. When a doctor wanted to look closely or touch the patient, he could open it up like a clamshell. Klaus had no idea he would be wearing one five years after he approved the suit for release to the marketplace. If it wasn't for the DACS suit he would demand to be euthanized.

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