Hellbounce by Matthew W. Harrill

Prison psychologist Eva Ross has dealt with her share of sinners.


Prison psychologist Eva Ross has dealt with her share of sinners. But when her boss, the brilliant yet unorthodox Gideon Homes, begins to make questionable decisions, Eva’s life changes.

After a chance encounter with Madden Scott - a charming drifter - it becomes clear that all is not what it seems. As the world around Eva begins to crumble, secrets barely hidden under the surface become a reality.

Their adventure takes them through nightmares and across continents, as they are thrust into the shadowy world that separates us from what lies beneath. And in this world, demons don't always hide in the dark.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: horror suspense books demons prison psychology, paranormal thrillers and mysteries sinners boss, psychological fiction eva life trials loveless ya, marriage life drifter charm reality biblical, secrets hidden adventure nightmare action dreams, nightmares continents shadowy world beneath dark, bad guys hell and heaven damned tale british teen

Word Count: 106545

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Sample text:

Madden Scott jammed his foot on the brake pedal of the stolen Chevrolet Malibu, causing the car to skid to a halt.

“I’m right. You’re wrong. Get used to it.”

Several white Toyotas blew past the end of the alleyway, their blue lights flashing and filled with Montego Bay constables, oblivious to the fact their prey had, for the moment, eluded them.

He took a moment to gaze up, through the pouring rain, at the building in front of him, the air conditioning only just enough to clear the moisture from the windshield. White. Colonial. Classic Jamaican Imperial architecture. He let the wheels find their grip on the dirt track.

“See? Where are we?”

“Canterbury,” came the reply from Turell, the gang leader and mastermind behind their failed robbery on the local branch of the bank of Nova Scotia. Despite their argument, he kept his eyes trained on the road. “Let’s go, man. They gonna notice we not there any minute now, man.”

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