Grass Grows in the Pyrenees by Elly Grant

In a small town in the Pyrenees, the death of a local farmer suspected of growing cannabis opens a Pandora's box of trouble.

Grass grows in the pyrenees

Take one female cop
Add a dash of power
Throw in a dangerous gangster
Some violent men
And a whole bunch of cannabis

Sprinkle around a small French spa town
Mix thoroughly
And cook on a hot grill until the truth is revealed
The result will be scorching

In a small town in the Pyrenees, the death of a local farmer suspected of growing cannabis opens a Pandora's box of trouble.

After local police officer Danielle gets on the case, a race against time to stop the gangsters ensues.

Grass Grows in the Pyrenees is the second book in Elly Grant's Death in the Pyrenees mystery series.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: cozy british mysteries traditional detective, cozy mystery series police procedural, classic british murder mysteries, small town mysteries and suspense, criminal british mystery series, england mysteries fiction women sleuth, sleuths female protagonist

Word Count: 60924

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Strong sales record, up-and-coming author.

Sample text:



For a moment he flew horizontally as if launched like a paper aeroplane from the mountain top, then an elegant swan dive carried him over the craggy stone face of the mountainside.  There was no thrashing of limbs or clawing at air; he fell silently and gracefully until a sickening crack echoed through the valley as bone and flesh crunched and crumpled on a rocky outcrop.  The impact bounced him into the air and flipped him in a perfect somersault, knocking the shoes from his feet.  Then he continued his descent until he came into contact with the grassy slope near the bottom of the mountain, where he skidded and rolled before coming to a halt against a rock.

His body lay on its back, in an untidy heap with arms and legs and shoulders and hips smashed and broken.  The bones stuck out at impossible angles and blood pooled around him.  He lay like that for almost three days.  During that time, the vultures had a feast.  There are several species of these birds in the mountains of the Pyrenees and all had their fill of him.  Rodents and insects had also taken their toll on the body and, by the time he was discovered, he was unrecognisable.

A hunter found him while walking with his dog and, although he was used to seeing death, the sight of this man’s ravaged face, with black holes where his eyes should have been, made him vomit.

Jean-Luc still wore the suit that he’d carefully dressed in for his meeting three days before.  It looked incongruous on him in his present condition and in these surroundings.  His wallet was still in his pocket and his wedding ring was still on his finger, nothing had been stolen.

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Already translated. Translated by Marcos David Castillo Ojeda
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Professional work, delivered in schedule. Recommended!

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