King of the Hoboes by John Reinhard Dizon

A charismatic leader and activist for the homeless just might be New York's biggest threat yet.

King of the hoboes

A charismatic leader and activist for the homeless just might be New York's biggest threat yet.

Detective Veronika Heydrich has one mission to complete before she lands her coveted promotion. She must uncover the truth behind the "King of the Hoboes", a man who prides himself on selflessly helping the misfortunate homeless people of the city. Convinced he's more dangerous than he is helpful, Veronika goes undercover as a vagrant herself, learning firsthand of the trials and tribulations the poverty-stricken must endure.

The further underground she goes, the more danger Veronika encounters. The man deemed the "King of the Hoboes" is more powerful, more perilous, and more vicious than she ever realized. Now, it's up to her to not only save the innocent homeless people of New York, but to find a way to save the city as well. Can Veronika find a way to take down the false messiah who’s manipulating the media for gain and glory, while saving the people she's come to know and love as her own?

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 38955

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Sample text:

Veronika Heydrich was a liar.

It was her fatal flaw, the demon that followed her all the days of her life. They called it storytelling when she was a little girl, fibbing in grade school, and exaggerating in high school. During her University days they called it her Heydrich spin, and as an undercover cop they called it a natural gift. Only it had made a wreck of her personal life and destroyed almost every relationship she ever had. She was the kind of girl who could swear on all she held dear and look you straight in the eye while lying through her teeth. She crushed many people throughout her life who thought they had come with her to the moment of truth, only to have her renege in an ultimate betrayal. For them it was a bridge burned forever, for her it was just another sad episode in the story of her life.

She had been a mistress at rationalization, perhaps her greatest sin, her ability to lie to herself. She made herself believe that she was better off having severed relationships with those who could not help her get ahead, those who expected to suffer a setback in favor of truth. She could not think of a single situation where the lie could not have eventually become the truth, where she had not been able to prevail by turning fantasy into reality. She could not think of one person who had walked away from her who had truly become a loss in her life.

Actually there was one. Evan Carlow had walked away, and her partner turned lover turned fiancée turned rival had been missed. She had never gotten that close to a man before, and it was almost as if she had finally found her soulmate. They had moved in together, they had set a wedding date, but she just couldn't stop lying and he finally had enough. When he moved out he took a piece of her heart with him, and she realized she had to get him back so she could put herself back together.

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