Homecoming Queen N/A by Kerry Watts

For Annie Marshall, accepting her school friend's wedding invitation means being catapulted back to the small Highland town she fled twenty years ago.

Homecoming queen n/a

For Annie Marshall, accepting her school friend's wedding invitation means being catapulted back to the small Highland town she fled twenty years ago - and facing a tragedy that ripped the small community apart. A tragedy Annie is still held responsible for.

As she returns to her old hometown, wounds of the past are reopened. But for the sake of her best friend, Annie is willing to try.

Pulled away from her hectic Edinburgh life, Annie is forced to reassess the life she shares with her boyfriend Paul. And then, she meets the ruggedly handsome Billy Lawson, and everything changes.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: literary womens fiction novels and stories, psychological womens literature modern intrigue, british contemporary chick lit for women and girls, contemporary romance and love stories books story, holidays holiday second chance drama fictive girl, wounds of the past, wedding invitation handsome men

Word Count: 34661

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14 February 1996 – Two weeks until my sixteenth birthday!


I can’t believe he did it! It was even better than I’d imagined or possibly could have dreamed and I’ve thought about it a lot! Little Matty was a pain tonight, crying and moaning. Lisa said it’s because he’s got teeth coming in but he got on my nerves something rotten. I was already pleased to see them when they got back but Matty’s griping made it even more so. When Danny walked me home, that more than made up for it. I knew he felt the same as I did and tonight he proved it. I handed him back his jacket which he loaned me to keep out the cold and he pulled me to him and kissed me! His leather jacket smelled so good, just like him. He is so gorgeous and his lips taste sweet like beer and peanuts, with a hint of cigarette smoke. I didn’t usually eat peanuts but he made them so delicious. I can’t wait to tell Kate in the morning. Craig is just a boy; I bet she will be jealous because Danny is a man. He’s twenty-four. I don’t know what he sees in Lisa. Since she’s had Matty she’s always looking so bloody miserable, and she’s fat, so fat. They got married because Lisa was pregnant with Matty. Kate said Craig told her that their mum made his sister get married so that Matty wouldn’t be a bastard. Danny doesn’t love her. I think he loves me and I love him. He said I’m so beautiful. I think my heart is going to burst. I love Danny Randall.





Chapter One

“If that kid doesn’t stop kicking the back of my seat, I’m going to chuck him out of the window, him and his uber tanned, ignorant, witch of a mother. I mean who actually chooses to be that shade of orange?”

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