Return of the Maca by Mari Collier

The battle for Thalia is imminent.

Return of the maca

The battle for Thalia is imminent. After the events in Before We Leave, the exiled Maca of Don is returning to his homeworld with his son to destroy the Justine and Krepyon conquerors, and to break the imposed rule of the House of Sisters.

Things spiral out of control as the Sisterhood attempts to destroy all male Macas, and isolate the House of Don. With escalating conflicts, the Maca and his friends enter a battle for finding a new life and free their people from the invaders. After the battle for Thalia is over, their part of the galaxy will never be the same.

An original, incredible science fiction adventure, Return of the Maca is the fourth novel in Mari Collier's Chronicles of the Maca series.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Westerns

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 98365

Sales info:

Strong sales - first book in series is a bestseller.

Sample text:

The Ab woman, Di, stood between the merchant stalls located close to the waterfront’s walkways and piers in the city of Bretta. Her massive fists were clenched and her eyes a vacant stare. The wind tore at her long, thick, chestnut-brown hair. Her short, brown kirtle flapped against the muscled thighs. Her body quivered while her mouth drew in and blew out air in short, quick gasps. At first some in the crowd had jostled against her, but others backed away, unsure of what held that magnificent Thalian body enthralled. Soon members of the Sisterhood in their black warrior uniforms, Abs in their brown garments, the Tris of Betron in their light green summer outfits, and Krepyons (derogatorily called Kreppies) in their green uniforms gathered around her. A sturdy man child of about five held onto her left leg and looked upward. He was shaking her leg to draw her attention, but nothing could break her concentration. Finally she turned to the crowd, her eyes cleared, and she pointed to the people directly in front of her.

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Already translated. Translated by Katia Pagani

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