Ring Fenced by Zach Abrams

A Psychological Thriller

Sex. Money. Power. Control.

Ring fenced

Sex. Money. Power. Control.

Benjamin truly has it all. He is Bennie, a loving husband and father; Benjie, a beloved son. He enjoys climbing the ladder as a successful corporate banker known as Ben, and rakes in money as a best-selling author and publisher of pornography. Finally, when he wishes to escape it all, Benjamin styles himself as Jamie—a dynamic part-time lover of a beautiful musician. His life, in a word, is perfect.

But after years of managing to keep his separate personae a secret, cracks begin to appear in the façade. When an unexpected series of events topple Benjamin’s carefully crafted world, his separate lives collide with dire repercussions.

Finalist in the eFestival of Words Best Villain category, Ring Fenced is a fast-paced, cleverly masterminded, and sophisticated thriller dealing with issues of power, control, and obsession.

Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: none

Word Count: 67704

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Steady sales

Sample text:

Yes, it was the same old story but told with different words and different names. It was a story of sexual interaction with explicit descriptions of skin on skin. But not just skin; leather, rubber and all manner of other material, every fetish was catered for.

It was all a means to an end. Sex meant money, money meant power and power meant control. Benjamin enjoyed sex, he liked money, he loved power and he was addicted to control.

Sitting in his private office, Benjamin Short finished typing the last sentence of the chapter and sighed contentedly. He was exactly on the schedule he'd created for himself. He removed his Gucci spectacles and carefully put them in their case. He signed off the computer session, reset the security and closed it down. Benjamin then removed the hard disk and locked it in his document safe embedded in the wall. The access was hidden behind his framed degree certificate.

Opening the door to the adjoining bathroom, he walked into the cavernous area which housed a wet room style power shower and Jacuzzi bath. Benjamin put himself through his rigorous, daily, ten minute stretching and exercise routine before showering. He took time to give himself a really close shave using an open razor given to him by his father some twenty years before when he was aged sixteen. As he studied himself in the mirror, clear sparkling blue eyes gazed back. Although naturally curly, his permed, blonde hair, short straight nose, powerful jaw and muscular shoulders gave him the 'Aryan' look the Third Reich aspired to. He wiped the remaining soap from his face and carefully placed his towel in the laundry basket before looking through the 'Benjie' shelves of his dressing room.

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