Quantum State N/A by M. Black

In a distant future only known as year 61 of MAQS, the quiet utopian district of Cherni contains the perfect system.

Quantum state n/a

In a distant future only known as year 61 of MAQS, the quiet utopian district of Cherni contains the perfect system. Everyone is assigned a duty, and life is harmonious directed by the chief quantum computer: MAQS.

But Masha Mikhailov is not convinced of MAQS’ sincerity, and is determined to escape. Aided by her best friend Esfir, Masha's plans take a surprising turn when she is assigned to marry the Keeper, Kazimir.

With both time and options running out, can Masha find her way out... or be forever trapped in the "perfect" life designated for her by the powerful AI?

If you're a fan of Hyperion, The Giver, The Matrix, 1984 or Eagle Eye, you will love Quantum State.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: quantum computers hard science fiction, artificial intelligence suspense and thrillers, robots simulations futuristic technologies, technological sci-fi for young adults, ya teenager sci fi adventures, powerful AI trapped female protagonist, matrix utopian stories perfect life

Word Count: 73257

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Sample text:

I live inside a district called Cherni, Zone 57, with a population of exactly two thousand, seven hundred and twenty people. I know because our quantum machine keeps an accurate count at all times and displays this number electronically over the wall of town hall. Ascania Pod is the educational institute for my zone, the one I attend. There is one pod for every twelve zones. We have eighty zones, and seven pods.

I don’t care for my Pod much, but maybe that’s because most of the classes and people don’t appeal to me. I spend a lot of my free time either with a friend of mine named Esfir, or at home building things out of metal scraps. Papa says my creative constructions are a waste of time—but a deeper part of me can’t stop.

Some say the Cherni district has the perfect system. A system with no flaws, no prejudices or biases, no mistakes, no favors—we are just as we are supposed to be, or so we are told. I’m not so sure anymore.

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