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Hi my name is Akshat Agrawal. I have been self publishing for about 2 years now and I must say it has been quite a remarkable journey for me. I have written books under various generes and under different pen names.

I write fantasy fiction for kids(including Minecraft based books), spiritual books and entertainment books. Some of my children books have achieved top 100 spot on Amazon. One of my book called Minecraft: Battle of Legends written under the pen name of Alex Aanderson has about 500 plus ratings with an average rating of 4.19 on Goodreads. You can check out that book on Goodreads.

Apart from that I have various cool promising sci-fi books with unique storyline and super-hero feel. If someone is not interested in fiction then I have other books which are based on Meditation and other super cool concepts like Lucid Dreaming.I churn out books on regular basis and am looking for transloators who can help me reach a wider audience.


Anxiety Relief Guide From Depression, Fear, Phobias, Stress With Meditation
Conquer Your Fear And Free Yourself From Constant Worry And More
How to Conquering Panic, Bad Thoughts, And Quiet Your Inner
Meditation Techniques To Reduce Anxiety And Live Life Happily
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Panic Attacks, Phobias And Depression
Powerful Ways For Overcoming Anxiety
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Recover From Anxiety And Depression Using Therapy
Remedies TO Remove Anxiety Completely
Remedies TO Remove Anxiety Completely
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Shut Nervousness, Panic Attacks, Fear And Phobias And Destroy Depression
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Management Guide To Be Great At Influencing, Communication And Decision Making
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Activate Your Chakras And Live Life Full of Happiness
A Beginners Guide To Discover The Power Of Meditation
A Meditation guide that will give you life-long peace and happiness.
What are the Benefits of Meditation?
Mindfulness for Beginners: An Unabridged Understanding
The key to building a solid meditation practice is in the practice itself
You’re about to discover how to conquer stress once and for all
Do you struggle with stress and anxiety?
Beginners Guide For Meditation And Reduce Stress And Relieve Anxiety
Beginners Guide To Heal Your Soul And Find Peace (Spirituality For Beginners)
Beginners Guide To Heal Your Soul And Find Peace (Spirituality For Beginners)
Beginners Guide To Heal Your Soul And Find Peace (Spirituality For Beginners)
A unique fitness program from a highly respected spiritual leader
Best Meditation Guide To Stop Anxiety, Stress To Live A Happy Life
Learn MEDITATION And Eliminate Stress and Anger
Easily Meditate Daily For Success (Increase Happiness And Motivation)
I am delighted by this revised edition
Fast Meditation Techniques For People (Mindfulness Techniques For Meditation)
Have you become an anxious person being constantly crushed by maladies of modern life?
Guided Meditation Techniques To Boost Productivity And Happiness
Healing Guide For Peace And Happiness For Beginners
How To Achieve Inner Peace And Find Real Happiness
The Mind Illuminated is a comprehensive, accessible and - above all
How To Meditate Guide For Beginners To Increase Energy (Live Without Stress)
How To Meditate Guide For Busy People To Cure From Depression, Anxiety And Stress
Learn the secret techniques to meditate deeper than zen
Learn how meditation can transform your life TODAY!
Increase Happiness And Eliminate Stress And Depression
Learn How To Meditate (Relaxation And Zen Meditation Techniques)
Learn How To Meditate For Better Sleep Using Guided
Learn How To Meditate For Inner Peace And Happiness
Learn How To Meditate For Spiritual Experience (Happiness And Success)
Learn How To Meditate Using Mindfulness (Use Guided And Transcendental Meditation)
Learn Meditation And Stay Positive And Heal Yourself (Based on Science)
How to think clearly and find peace & happiness along the way.
Blessed are the poor in spirit! Blessed are those who mourn!
Meditation For Beginners Guided To Achieve Zen State Spirituality
Meditation Guide For Practicing Mindfulness And Relieve Yourself of Stress And Anxiety
Meditation Guide With Guided Meditation (Mindfulness For Beginners)
Simple Ways to Eliminate Stress and Achieve Inner Peace
Meditation Techniques For Better Sleep (Mindfulness Techniques For Beginners)
Meditation Techniques For Hapiness And Success
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Mindfulness And Meditation Guide For Achieving Happiness And Success
Mindfulness And Meditation Guide Using Zen Meditation (Achieve Peace And Happiness)
Mindfulness And Meditation Techniques For Healing (Get Rid of Depression)
Mindfulness For Beginners Guide (Use Transcendental And Guided Meditation)
Mindfulness For Beginners To Remove Stress (Achieving Spirituality And Peace)
Mindfulness Guide For Self Discipline And Success (Self Help Guide)
Mindfulness Guide To Increase Happiness (Meditation For Beginners)
Mindfulness Guide To Remove Stress, Anxiety And Depression
Mindfulness Techniques For Powerful Meditation
Mindfulness Techniques For Powerful Meditation Remove Anxiety
It’s easy to disconnect when life moves fast.
Secret To Happy And Successful Zen Life
Simple Meditation Techniques For Better Health And Lifestyle
People are always looking for new ways to reduce stress
Simple Meditation Techniques To Relieve Stress And Anxiety
The day to day hustle and bustle of modern life is hectic and demanding
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Stress And Anxiety Relief Guide For Beginners Using Mindfulness
Mindful play is a great way for kids to develop focusing skills
Ultimate Guide For A Life Without Anxiety And Achieve Peace Filled Happiness
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Ultimate Mindfulness Guide For Happiness Manifestation (Achieve Peace And Joy)
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(3) 15 Proven Techniques to Develop Successful Self-Discipline Habits and Strong Confidance
(4) 3 week Easy Ways to Build an Unbeatable Mind and Find Success in Life
(10) Become Strong, Become Confident And Create Your Success And Great Achieve Your Greatest Life Goals
(7) Get Things Done By Learning How To Use Habits, Routines And Personal Improvement
(16) Get Yourself Motivated and Learn How to Achieve Your Goals And How to increase your productivity
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(15) Self-Discipline: How to Achieve the Life You Want Through Mental Toughness and Self Discipline Increase Confidence
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(18) Make your mind a fortress and achieve any goal & Change Your mindset (willpower stay motivated)
(12) Mental Toughness Become the Strongest Version And A Practical Guide
(20) Practical Methods to Think Effectively, Quickly, and Clearly (the biginners Guide)
(2) Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Self Love & Self Improvement Self Development
(1) Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Discipline, Build Confidence And Everything you need to know to transform Your life
(8) Strategies, secrets and practical ways to achieve success in Say You will do
(5) The Complete Mindset Guide to Hacking and Stacking Habits of Mental Toughness & WithOut The Need For Willpower
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(6) The Practical Steps & Habits You Need to Learn How To Get Things Done
(17) The Ultimate Guide To Beat Procrastination Success, Daily Habits and to Become Productive
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